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Baseball Hall of Fame

I've never been to the Baseball Hall of Fame and was thinking of going. Have any of you been? What did you think? Is induction weekend great or an overpriced madhouse? Is that the time to go or should I go another time? What minor league ballparks nearby did you go to?

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Hitting 30 next Wednesday!

Next Wednesday, June 10, I'll be in PNC Park, my 30th baseball stadium. In August 2013 I set out a goal to go to all 30 by August 2015 and I'll do just that. Most people wouldn't see this as an accomplishment but I'm guessing you guys will carry me out of the stadium on your shoulders. Figuratively, of course.

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Will Ferrell

I have to give kudos to Will Ferrell. He did something I don't think any of us have ever attempted, chasing five ballparks in a single day! And they even let him play, an opportunity afforded me on none of my trips.

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Stadium 25 Done

Check out my blog.

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LA Times rates the stadiums


There's something seriously wrong if they rate Dodger and Wrigley among the top five in the National League.

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30 Stadium Schedule Update

Game 1: August 25, 2013, Red Sox at Dodgers, Dodger Stadium

Game 2: August 30, 2013, Angels at Brewers, Miller Park

Game 3: August 31, 2013, Phillies at Cubs, Wrigley Field

Game 4: September 1, 2013, Indians at Tigers, Comerica Park

Game 5: September 2, 2013, Orioles at Indians, Progressive Field

Game 6: September 3, 2013, Cardinals at Reds, Great American Ballpark

Game 7: September 7,…


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Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland

Chaser games 13-15 this weekend in Seattle, San Francisco, and Oakland. Excited!

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Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami

Over Labor Day weekend I'm going to do Atlanta, Tamps, and Miami. I'm going to fly into Atlanta on Saturday, go to the ballgame, and then fly out Sunday morning. Can I get to and from the game in an hour or less using MARTA? If I stay by the airport, which hotel do you recommend?

I'm flying into Tampa Sunday morning and out Sunday night. It looks like there's no public transportation to get to and from Tropicana Field, so I guess I need to rent a car?

What about getting to the…


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Avoid the Red Sox and Yankees

I plan my trips based on a weekend where I can see three games in reasonable proximity to each other. This limits my options. There are only so many weekends the Astros and Rangers are both home. So I don't choose the teams. If you can, you should. 

I checked out Stubhub.com tickets in the Terrace Infield Box for the Orioles. Tickets for a game with the White Sox showed a bunch of tickets available for between $18 and $22. For the Red Sox there was nothing less than $66. For…


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5 Games in 4 Days

An update is available on my blog http://all30stadiums.blogspot.com

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Chasing Baltimore

I did Fenway last night. More about that here.


I'm supposed to chase Baltimore tonight. I'm looking at the ballpark. No rain yet, but they're calling for it. It doesn't count if it's rained out.

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Dodger Stadium Revisited

My review of Dodger Stadium last August was largely negative. And that was before I hit a bunch of modern stadiums later that week. The stadium just doesn't hold up, because it's old and hasn't been updated. I went back last night because my Phillies are in town. So I…


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April 24-28 First Chaser Trip of the Year

I'm two weeks away from my first chaser trip of the year. I know I've written about how I plan these, so here it is in action.

Game 8: Thursday, April 24, 2014, Yankees at Red Sox, Fenway Park

I fly on a non-stop from LA to Boston that arrives in to Boston at 4 PM. It's on American, which isn't my preferred airline, and it leaves at 7 AM. I don't like doing that. But that's the only flight I can get that I know I'll make…


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What will you be chasing this year?

In honor of opening day, list how many stadiums you've been to, how many you're going to, how many are new, and how many defunct stadiums you've been to.

Been to: 15 stadiums

Going to this year: 19 stadiums (12 new)

Defunct: 9 stadiums

Yes, I'm going big chasing this year. 

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Buying your seats

I recommend Stubhub. First, Stubhub's pricing is all in. So the price you see includes all the fees. It's almost always cheaper than the prices the team is selling them for. And they don't list all their fees on their prices. Also, Stubhub gives you rewards points. So if you buy enough tickets to any game, you'll eventually earn a discount on later tickets. Buying Padre tickets from the team doesn't help you later to buy Dodger tickets for less. 

If you're like me, you're…


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Getting To and From the Stadium

When you’re going to a game in a new city, you’ll most likely fly into the city. If you’re doing that, your big question is how do you get from the airport to the game. There are really only two choices, rent a car or take a subway/light rail. The bus is usually a very bad choice, as buses frequently stop and you might be doubling or tripling your travel time. Google maps says it’s a 30 minute drive from the Kansas City airport to Kauffman Stadium. With a bus transfer, it’s 1 hour 51…


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The App You Have To Have

There's an app called "At the Ballpark" from MLB. While it also gives you information about the stadium, the biggest thing is that it's like Four Square. It allows you to check in at the stadium and keeps track of every game you go to. I got it last season and my app says I've been to 9 ballparks and 12 games. I can tell you the scores of all the games and how many times I've seen each team. The Phillies are 0-5 in games I went to, while the Brewers and Dodgers are each 2-1. 



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Kansas City to St. Louis

I'm going to Kansas City and St. Louis on the same trip in June. I'll arrive in Kansas City on Saturday morning for a Saturday afternoon game. Then I'll head to St. Louis for a Sunday afternoon game. The big problem for me is that there's only one airline that flies from Kansas City to St. Louis, Southwest. They only have one flight between the end of the Saturday game and the start of the Sunday game. It arrives in St. Louis at 12:25 PM, only 45 minutes before the first pitch. That could be…


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