HI Chasers,

The ballpark chasers weekend is 3 weeks from now, so of course we are making moves to ensure a weekend of fun.

We are looking for an experienced grill person to help us out cook some of the delicious hot dogs and hamburgers we will be doling out. We will kick in a free Manfish brewing T-shirt for your help.

Reply to mlbreports@gmail.com or ken@manfishbrewing.com

So all of us know that the schedule

Friday - nothing planned, but the select few that are going to Safeco Field like Paul Nieuwland, myself, Gary Herman and Mike Casiano are going for sure.

On Saturday, I will be in the Seattle area willing to pick up people and bring them to the BBQ or even the airport. At 9 AM,Tike Narry will arrive and also be able to take people to the BBQ.

We are going to have times of 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30 pick up points. As long as you are near Seatac Airport up to the outskirts of downtown Seattle, we can give you a ride.

Since there will be beer flowing freely, no one should drive if they are going to drink.

After the BBQ, we will also run times of 2:00 and 2:30 to the ballpark so everyone can make the tour, or show up to the park early to get a bobblehead.

Josh Robbins has just confirmed that he is flying into Seatac at 1 PM, so I will organize one more hotel drop off time for people who wish to leave the picnic a bit early.

On the menu for the BBQ 11 AM - 2 PM

Subway Party Platter
Little Caesars Deep Dish Pizza
Hot Dogs
Chips, Pickles, Veggie Platters.

(We will have veggie subs and a cheese pizza also for people who don't eat meat.)

There is also a surprise food.

Ken will have 4 beers on tap to choose from.

Should be an epic day. Please email me at mlbreports@gmail.com if you need a ride to or from any place all weekend.

We will also have rides available to people after the game Saturday, Aug.22/2015. We will run as many trips as we need to make sure everyone arrives back at their lodgings safely.

Sunday is the same thing. If people need rides to the game, or the airport in the morning, or both let me know and we can arrange this. we will have a Suburban or some other honking big vehicle to transport people.

Sunday night there is a game in Tacoma as well. Tike Narry will be going to this event, and will have the rental vehicle to take some people. Space is limited on this ride so book early.

Finally, for people leaving on Monday morning, again Tike Narry will be returning the rental vehicle this morning, so people can catch rides to the airport from him (Space is limited for this ride too.)

All of this weekend is going to be by donation to the Sports Legacy Institute. we suggest a $7 per person flat fare in one direction, just so we can recover some fuel $ and pay for the insurance of the vehicles.

Looking forward to being a part of the EPIC meetup..

Chuck Booth
(360) 223 - 9422

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Comment by Craig (17) on July 31, 2015 at 10:05am

Thanks for all your help, Chuck! I will make sure to include this forum link in an email to all those that are attending.


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