This year will be a considerable let down after I visited all 30 parks in 2008 and broke the world record by doing it again 24 days in 2009. There is no real big road trip planned thanks to some new ownership at my job and a falling off of earnings. I will still see games in Colorado, San Diego, the new ball park in Minny and may get another chance to see YANKEE STADIUM. I will take in about 6 games at SAFECO FIELD(which is only a 2 1/2 hour drive for me). That is the bad news(sort of).
The good news is that I really feel lucky, and fortunate, to have gone to all the ballparks two years in a row like that. The roadtrips of a lifetime are sinking in on how special they really were. I am about 40% done the book I started chronicling the chases.
The book will serve as a good story, plus help every ballpark chaser with helpful hints on how to maximize the amount of games they want to see in any given trip to any of 30 cities. It is also a nice help to just traveling to these cities. I spent so many hours researching each city and the transportation options, flights, hotels. There are hidden secrets and codes to saving massive amounts of money. I will probably start posting some of the rough draft again on blogs here-even though the FONTS come out a bit choppy.
In the book I will speaking a great deal about this website--and some of the chasers--so if anyone wants to help in any way let me know. I am a self-published author already with 2 novels in portfolio but I am no Ernest Hemmingway. I invite you to read my previous material in my blogs here. For those who were following my record chase last year(all 30 stadiums in 24 days), I officially sent my Guinness Book of World Record Claim in January-and hope to hear back by the end of baseball season. It was a nice 3 pound parcel. Should they deny me in any reason I will post all the data online for all to see.
One other negative note(minor) is that as a Canadian XM RADIO listener we were chopped 9 channels today from our service so I am looking for any US purchased xm radio subscriptions that may have time left on the service but you wish to sell. Fire me an email if you have such a radio.



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Comment by Craig (17) on April 20, 2010 at 11:58pm
Sorry to hear that your summer plans have changed. I think the economy/jobs has hit a lot of Ballpark Chasers. Looking forward to reading more of your book! When will you be in Seattle?
Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on April 9, 2010 at 9:12pm
I can't wait to read it Chuck! Btw, I will be hitting you up for some suggestions before I hit the road this year... gotta see what you can add to what I already know to make it an easier trip for me :)
Comment by Hansel Rodriguez on April 7, 2010 at 5:24pm
30 stadiums in 24 days? That is impressive man. I am trying to do all 30 over this year, i can't imagine how you did it. I will check out your blogs from that trip, i need all the help and ideas i can find.


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