Beware of obstructed views at Target Field

I ran across this list of obstructed views at the new Target Field. Beware when you buy your ticket!

Here are the released obstructions so far:

• In Section 101, near the right-field foul pole, fans in lower-numbered seats (1 and 2, etc.) from rows 25 through 40 have a wall blocking parts of their outfield view. Those seats cost $32 for most games, $37 for premium games.

• In Section 139 (right field bleachers), some seats have a limited view of the outfield because an adjacent section is raised slightly, behind a railing.

• Several other outfield seats (priced from $18 to $24) have blind spots to at least part of the warning track. A fan sitting there might see 95 percent of the field but miss plays to the other 5 percent.

• Like in many other ballparks, Target Field will have seats pressed next to the foul lines, bringing several fans closer but making it harder for others to see plays in the corners.

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Comment by Craig (17) on March 6, 2010 at 11:08am
Great post Jack! This actually gets me thinking...we need a description like this for all ballparks. Maybe I could add it to each Chaser Guide?


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