Alright baseball chaser folks I accidentally ran into something with Meg Minard's help (Thanks Meg!). While doing some research on sites in Japan I came across the Japanese Wikipedia version of the "List of Japanese Baseball Stadiums". Now before you get to the link let me explain a couple of things about translations.

In Japan there are two leagues that can be classified like major and minor in baseball leagues we frequent. In Japan the Major league or commonly known as NPB (divided by the Central and Pacific Leagues) are called ishi-gun, or first team. There is a "minor" league divided into two parts, Eastern and Western leagues. These leagues are called ni-gun or second team. In Google translations these terms, ni-gun and ishi-gun are commonly translated as "army or military." Disregard this translation. The term we most would understand would be cheer squads or squads.

Now what I've found out while doing this research is that what we call Majors, AAA, AA, A, Aadv, SS-A, Rookie is generally called in the following order:
Major-Nippon Baseball League-Pacific and Central Leagues
AAA-Rookie-2NPB and/or Western and Eastern Leagues
AA-Rookie-Independent and Industrial Leagues

At present there are two Independent Leagues in Japan. They are there for the same reason many of the Independent teams are present in North America. Service an area of good size that does not have an affiliated market team. These Leagues are currently called the Shikoku Island League (cool uniforms BTW especially this little bugger ( and Kansai Independent League respectively.

As for Industrial Leagues these teams are run and by the head company, like Panasonic and a variety of other entities. But what I've read is the style of play is similiar to A or Rookie league ball here.

Now, an added plus, Japan has a women's professional baseball league. You'll see the link for the league below but I thought while in Japan why not catch a few of these ladies play baseball. You gotta go for the cuteness factor here especially with teams called, "Star Girls and Honey Bees."

On a quick note the Rakuten Golden Eagles are back playing Sendai Kleenex Stadium. Stadium was destroyed in the tsunami last year.

Here's the link: The List of Japanese Baseball Stadiums:

You may have to send the above link through google translate to work.

Anyway good chasing

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