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Been gone awhile-A new adventure

My son and I have been gone off the boards for awhile. Fortunately and unfortunately we had to move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Fortunately while doing so we were able to chase for 6 weeks to about 25 different minor league parks. This included International League teams all the way down to Rookie Leagues and some Independent League games as well. Which brings me to my question to the site.

Has anybody gone down to Venezuela for baseball? Specifically Venezuelan Summer…


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Cataloging your chase

Hey Chasers,

One of the questions that hasn't been asked too often is, "How do you catalog your trip(s)" Most of us have photos, tickets, etc. But some have a quirky side as well, "I'm not leaving this park until I get a ball."

What do you do to catalog? What would you have done differently?

Keep the Quest going.

John and Kaelen Wilcox

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Sorta Starting Over

Good Evening Friends and Fellow Chasers,

After visiting all current MLB parks and over 120 minor league parks my son and I have come to realization that over 80% of those games have been seen without having our favorite teams present. Over the next couple years I'm going to go back and visit some of our sites and see the stadiums with our teams (Rays is John's and Phillies is Kaelen's) and their affiliations. Does anybody feel the same way, or starting over because it's been done…


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Top 10 MiLB and NOF Parks

Since the quest to see all 30 MLB parks is over for my son and I we are looking for a good top 10 of MiLB and NOF (non-affiliated) parks. I would like to get a feel of what everyone here believes is their top 10. There are two rules. One, the ballpark must host some MiLB or NOF teams at least once a season (Rickwood Field falls into this category). Two, it can be anywhere in the world (NOF fails into this category). I've heard seeing a game in the Dominican Republic is phenomenal. So strike…


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Ballpark Giveaways

All of us who are chasing after the "final ballpark" have a stash of giveaway items or things we caught at the games. Combined my son and I have about 10 footlockers full of stuff (which I'll probably giveaway at some point). I'd like to see a list of your favorite items you've received from games and your least favorite. You can even add items you got at other sports stadiums as well.

Favorite Item:

A game day football my son received: Ford Field, Detroit Lions.



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Chasing in Japan

Alright baseball chaser folks I accidentally ran into something with Meg Minard's help (Thanks Meg!). While doing some research on sites in Japan I came across the Japanese Wikipedia version of the "List of Japanese Baseball Stadiums". Now before you get to the link let me explain a couple of things about translations.

In Japan there are two leagues that can be classified like major and minor in baseball leagues we frequent. In Japan the Major league or commonly known as NPB (divided…


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When it becomes too much: Minor Leagues

While my son and I were at our latest ballpark (Bowling Green Hot Rods) I remember a conversation I had with a couple of blokes in Beloit. I remember them telling me they had been to 354 baseball parks. Now I'm assuming that is college, summer leagues, minor etc all wrapped into one. But it got me thinking this past weekend,  when is it enough?

 I was planning on stopping when I finally get to the magical 210 affiliated teams (Mexican League included) and the occasional…


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The Rickwood Classic

After a few visits to Birmingham and touring Rickwood Field my son and I finally had the opportunity to see the Rickwood Classic. The game itself was uninspired but the stadium exudes history. From the stands to outfield signs. You feel that you could possibly be transported back to when baseball meant what was great about America. I know the outfield signs were installed for films and commercials but it adds aura to the place. 

For those that haven't been my son and I have made a…


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Chasing outside of North America

I've been thinking about chasing ballparks around the world lately. My reasoning behind this is we'll be moving out of the country in Summer 2013 and I still want to see baseball at least somewhere. So my question is this, "does seeing baseball stadiums outside of North America count towards the total?"

Your thoughts?

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Greenevile Astros

For those people who are chasing minor league ballparks I wanted to pass along this tiny bit of info. If you have the Greeneville Astros in your plans there is a decent size museum of baseball history inside the club's headquarters. You really have to find it or you can ask once you get into the stadium. It is well worth your time to look at it. The stadium is on the campus of Tusculum College and is one of the new stadiums in the Appy League. Here's a link to the team:… Continue

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Marlins Park!

Well we finally made it to all 30 MLB with the opening of the Marlins new ballpark. First of all let me say, as everyone else has in Miami, "At least it has air conditioning!" I'm going to break up the review in several parts from family friendly parts, to not so family friendly, to areas I liked better than most and other areas of the ballpark.

My son and I were seated in the Clevelander area of the ballpark. I chose this area of the park because you can look right into bullpen of… Continue

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