Has anyone ever been to the College WS in Omaha? I was hoping to go check it out sometime in the future, just to say that I've been there/ done that. Just wondering if it's worth it based on any past experiences. If and when I go, I will have to make sure that my alma mater, LB State, is in it. That way I will have someone to really cheer for.

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Comment by Jeff Koch (31 inc. Expos) on May 19, 2010 at 7:44pm
We went last year and it wasa good opportunity to see a handful of games in a day or two. It is set up as double elimination tournament and a best of three championship so it makes it hard to guarentee you will be there at the end. They are moving from Rosenblat Stadium to one in the downtown area next year, I think. It has the college feel and there are fans from each team that cycle in and out during the games. We enjoyed it can now cross it off our to-do list.


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