While I am not going on any record chase this year, I feel happy to start off the year by going to a game at DODGER STADIUM last weekend (May.24). I was surprised when I arrived at game time that traffic actually wasn't bad and that the day was cold . I was also sad to hear that JOSE LIMA had passed--he was one of my favorite people in baseball to listen to. I heard him interviewed on JIM ROME's show many times before and it was always awesome---it was always 'LIMA TIME---BELIEVE IT!!!" It was my 5th visit to DODGER STADIUM and I still contend when the crowd gets rocking it is the "highest amount of noise" in any park in the league. The game was okay--but it is always nice to watch a bunch of beach balls being pounced around--and the laid back atmosphere that is the backdrop of the park.
If you are not in a rush after the game you can wait out the parking lot clearing and have an easier time driving out of there as well. I listened to an hour post game chatter with lots of JOSE LIMA memories. It was a great afternoon and DODGER STADIUM still ranks as one of the best ballparks to visit.
Just and update here... I am still awaiting the "GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS CLAIM" I submitted in January for the record of 'ALL 30 BASEBALL GAMES IN 24 DAYS", I should know the result by the end of summer. I am also writing a novel that chronicles both streak attempts of 2008-2009 and will serve as a 'BALLPARK CHASER GUIDE/TRAVELING in the top 30 MLB cities. I hope to be done by September and for it to be in published form by Christmas.


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Comment by Hansel Rodriguez on June 8, 2010 at 11:19am
Jose Lima and I share the same hometown in Dominican Republic. It was really refreshing to see how many of my friends had memories of meeting Jose at random places and of him being so accessible and friendly. The guy was not a great pitcher but he played the game with such enthusiasm, that you couldn't help but like him.


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