MLB All Star Game Apples on Parade in NYC

By Arty 84

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As many people know, the 2013 MLB All Star game will be played at Citi field, in Queens NYC on Tuesday, July 16th. I was in NYC last weekend, and discovered these apples around the city called Apples on Parade. NYC did this in 2008 when the All Star Game was at Old Yankee Stadium. Basically what these apples are all around the city and there are 35 of them, 30 for the MLB teams, 1 AL Apple, 1 NL Apple, 1 NY Giants, 1 Brooklyn Dodgers and 1 All star game one.
Being a die hard Red Sox fan, I was able to track down the Sox one at a party city on 34th street. While there I spotted 2 others without searching. On the bus ride home to Boston, I became very obsessed with these apples. I sat there and came up with a goal to take a picture of all 35 apples in 1 day. Most of the apples are in mid town. there are 3 down town, 2 up town and 1 in queens. The map and location of the apples can be found at
The All Star game is on the 16th, and I am hoping they stay around for a week or so after. My goal is to go to NYC on July 27th, a saturday. I will arrive in NYC at 10:30am and have until 8:30 PM to take a picture of all the apples and post them to my web site, and to my facebook page, .
I am not sure that if the apples will still be there, so if anyone had any info on this could they please email me at - Also if anyone has any tips on the best order to see them, I would appreciate that. I know that the apple at Citi Field will be the longest journey. I also know that some apples are in stores, and they have to be open for me to get to see the apple.
I will be posting my plan of attack sometime this week on this blog so stay tuned!!
This has been Arty 84
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