My first obstacle

I just jumped over my first hurdle of the trip and it hasn’t even officially started yet.  I’m sure there are plenty of obstacles left for me to overcome but this one was not the way I wanted to start.  A few weeks ago I went down to Mid-Ohio and met my friend Melissa for dinner.  We discussed my upcoming trip and whatever else.  She informed me that her dad may have one extra ticket to the upcoming game between the Detroit Tigers and the Toledo Mud Hens in Toledo, Ohio at Fifth Third Field.  I immediately told her that I wanted the ticket I didn’t care what the cost was.  She talked to her dad and he said that he would send me a ticket.  Awesome, I’m going to the game. 
Last week a friend asked me if I would like to buy four tickets to the game.  I quickly said yes and then I told Melissa that she can go ahead and tell her dad to give the ticket to somebody else who wanted it.  The next day I met up with my buddy, Kyle, and gave him $66 for four standing room only tickets.  He told me that the girl with the tickets would print them off and he would get them to me as soon as he can.  Awesome!  A few days go by and I text him to ask what was going on.  He said she was having a difficult time printing them out but he would get them to me soon.  He invited me out for a beer and told me that she would be there.  I met up with Kyle and McKenzie.  She said that she would print the tickets out for me this weekend.
Today I texted Kyle and asked what was going on.  He said he wasn’t sure but come down to Bowling Green and have a drink.  We met at the bar where McKenzie works but she was at school.  We both texted her and she told us that she tried printing the out and it wouldn’t work but she would ask her husband when he got off work.  Good deal.  I was just happy because I was pretty sure I was getting the tickets today.  McKenzie texted Kyle saying that her husband sold the tickets to somebody else.  I was furious.  I wasn’t mad at Kyle because I know it wasn’t his fault.  He felt terrible.  I wasn’t too mad at McKenzie because as far as I know it wasn’t her fault either.  I was upset that I had gotten rid of a guaranteed free ticket for these, plus I had told my friend Ashley that I would give her two tickets.  My friend Julianna was supposed to meet me later in the day so I could give her, her ticket so she could meet me at the game. 
The night wasn’t a complete bust.  McKenzie got on craigslist and found a few numbers of people selling tickets.  I called one of the numbers and the lady had one ticket left.  I immediately told her I would take the ticket for $20.  We arranged to meet later in the evening so we could make the transaction.  I wanted that ticket in my hand as soon as I can.  I met Beth in the parking lot of a Kroger and gave her the money.  I sat there for a moment talking to her and asked her how she came about these tickets and why she was selling them.  Beth is from Virginia and is up here in Ohio taking care of her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  She was hoping to take her father to a Tigers game.  When she realized that that wouldn’t be possible she got tickets to the game at Fifth Third Field.  I told her about my trip this summer and she informed me that her dream is to see all 30 ballparks when she retires.  Beth, I’m sorry you couldn’t take your father to the game but I would like to thank you very much for helping me out and I hope you get to go on your own Baseball Dreamin journey someday.
This game between the Tigers and Mud Hens will be the first game between these two teams.  It should be a really fun game considering all the Mud Hens are working to someday get into the Tigers lineup or even to get back into the lineup.  Many of these Detroit Tigers players came up through the farm system and have spent time playing for the Toledo Mud Hens.  This game seems like the perfect way to start my journey.  I associate my love for baseball with my love for my grandfather.  It will be great to see the team he once played for take on the team he never got the opportunity to play with due to injury. 
One obstacle down and I’m sure there are many more to come.  Hopefully they will be as easy to maneuver over like this one was.  Only a few more days and the Journey begins.  Time to get excited!!

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Comment by Paula Vaughnn on April 5, 2012 at 2:15am

Awesome story - glad you were able to attend the game despite the ticket charade you experienced. I was at Third Firth Field back in 2007 and loved the place and the goofy mascot. The best thing about the night was the foul ball being caught by a group of friends - that photo is priceless to me. I'll search for those pictures and post 'em if i can find them. What a night.


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