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It was about a year ago when I found ballparkchasers.com.  I was sitting in Afghanistan and I had decided that I wanted to not just talk about a dream but be able to come home to the United States and fullfill one.  I did a simple google search and found this community.  It has simply been the most important connection of my entire trip.  Tonight was the most fullfilling experience I've had thus far. 


I attended a game at Safeco Field in Seattle.  Through this website I met…


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My First Obstacle

My first obstacle

I just jumped over my first hurdle of the trip and it hasn’t even officially started yet.  I’m sure there are plenty of obstacles left for me to overcome but this one was not the way I wanted to start.  A few weeks ago I went down to Mid-Ohio and…

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Tour Guide Needed

When I go to Cleveland I will be shown around by Matt Van Wormer who writes for www.didthetribewinlastnight.com. We will be eating lunch before the game a restaurant that was featured on Man Vs Food, arriving at the park a few hours before game time to check things out, and sitting in the “Social Media Suite”. It’s shaping up to be an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I will tell you all about it once I am in…


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The One, The Only: Chuck Booth

When I first thought about chasing this dream I did a Google search for ball park guides.  I stumbled across www.ballparkchasers.com.  I joined the site and sent a message to Craig B. Landgren who runs the site.  I asked him for any tips that he may have that would be helpful in my journey.  He told me of a book he helped contribute to called the The Fastest Thirty Ballgames: A Ballpark Chasers World Record Story By Douglas “Chuck” Booth. …


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iPhone Apps

What are some good iPhone apps?  I’m looking for good travel and restaurant apps.  I currently have “groupon”, “Orbitz Hotels”, “Hotel Tonight” “Hotels.com”, “Stubhub”, “Fastfood”.  If you have an iPhone I also recommend the “Viggle” app.  It’s this app where you tap the screen and it listens to whatever tv show you’re watching and gives you point for “checking in”.  You can redeem these point for giftcards for websites such as Amazon, iTunes, and Travelocity.  I’m saving all my points up…


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Donation Requests

I decided to give the donation idea a try.  I'm not expecting much but if you dont try then you'll never know, right?  If you would like to donate to make the trip a little easier on my pocketbook go to this link http://www.gofundme.com/h8blk

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Collecting Baseball Cards

Does anybody out there still collect baseball cards?  My grandfather collected baseball cards for me and my cousins.  He started from our birth year until he passed away.  For me he started in 1985.  It was when baseball cards were produced like crazy.  To my knowledge there are not too many “rare” cards from the late 1980’s.  I collected cards on my own when I was a kid as well.  Every once in a while my dad would give me some money and take me to the card shop and I would buy as many packs…


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Random trip to Chicago

I decided to go out to Chicago on the weekend of March 10th-11th.  I wanted to go for the entire weekend but I had a previous engagement for that Friday the 9th.  I had never been on a commuter train before so I decided to take the Amtrak from Ann Arbor to Chicago.  Round trip the ticket cost me about $70.  At first I was I thought it was pretty cool to be on a train.  The only trains I had been on before were subway cars in NYC, Washington DC, and…


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Updates coming to my blog

I want to start out by thanking Matt Van Wormer from Didthetribewinlastnight.com for making me the fan of the week.  Check it out here http://didthetribewinlastnight.com/2012/03/09/fan-of-the-week-robert-rj-breisacher/#more-4192  My family was pretty excited to see my face on there when I shared it with them.  It is a very well written article and I appreciate it.  If you would like…

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Where to stay, eat, and what to see?

I recently got an email from columnist Matthew Van Wormer who writes for didtribewinlastnight.com.  He asked me if he could ask me a few questions and feature me as the Fan of the Week on his site.  I happily obliged and a few days later answered his questions that he sent me.  I will be featured on didthetribewinlastnight.com a week from today, Friday, March 9th.  A few days later I received an email from the co-founder of stadiumjourney.com Paul Sweeny asking me if he could ask…


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NYM Welcome Back Veterans

I was recently contacted by a member of the Wounded Warrior Project who was contacted by the New York Mets and www.welcomebackveterans.org on my behalf.  This is a pretty amazing program.  During every game of the 2012 season the New York Mets will honor one veteran at the end of the third inning.  The veteran will appear on the Jumbo Tron and be thanked for his or her service.  They will be sitting in the first row behind the…

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Will you be at any of these games?

I've been working on the details of this trip.  I know where I'm going to be when and how long it is going to take to get to each park.  What I am still working on is where I'm going to stay when.  If you know any good places to stay in any of these cities or anywhere between them send me an email at Baseballdreamin45@yahoo.com.  Here is where I will be on game day and the finer details of the trip.  If you would like to come along or meet me…


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Baseball, Beer, Movies... USA

Baseball, Beer, Movies... USA!


I made it home!  Let me tell you it sure is great to be back in the USA.  It’s been an excellent journey so far.  My first night home it was game seven of the World Series.  There is no greater way to come home to the US and enjoy a game seven and a nice cold Bud Light.  As you all know St. Louis won it.  Apparently it was one…


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What am I doing?

What am I doing?


It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything. The internet in my room was not working on my down day and other than that I’ve been really tired. It’s almost time for us to be done with the longest year of my life and I am exhausted. Not too…

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Tense game

What a wild night for us Tigers fans here in Afghanistan. The game started at 8pm Eastern time 430am Afghan time. We are 8 and a half hour ahead of New York if you’re bad at math. Shortly after 0430 I was able to get on the computer in the office and log on to my MLB.com account. I pulled up the audio for the game and it was already 2-0 Tigers. I left the game up while I was in and out of the office. In the facility I work in there is one TV that we have access to. It’s in our main…


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Memories Do you ever have random memories that come back to you? That happened to me today. I was talking to Melissa who was watching the Lion King in 3D on her super wicked TV when I asked her a random question. “Did you have a crush on Jonathon Taylor Thomas when we were younger” She said no. I just remembered my older sister, Stacy, had posters and Pictures of JTT all over her room. That brought back a pretty good memory for me.


  When I was in 3rd grade my parents moved…


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An idea...

I’ve had a few suggestions for a kickstarter.com project. One is to pick up something small for donors at the parks. Something small and obviously something cost effective. I was thinking there could be one price bracket for picking up one thing from one ballpark, and another price bracket for picking up one thing at every ballpark. Another suggestion is to have t-shirts made. I’ve always wanted a t-shirt with my goofy face on it so I really like this idea! Maybe have a map of the US with…


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Why the Tigers will go far!

Why the Tigers will go far!

The Detroit Tigers are going to do well in the post season.  I don’t want to say that they’re going to win it all because that would be bad Karma.  I have some good/bad luck when it comes to my sports teams while I’m deployed to the Middle East. …

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Wild end

What a wild final night of baseball in the 2012 regular season. The night started off with several possibilities.

Being a Detroit Tigers fan I wanted the Tigers to win and the Texas Rangers to lose. If that would have happened, both teams would have ended the season with the exact same record. If that were the case Detroit would have gone on to be the 2nd seed in the America League and played either the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or the Boston Red Sox in the first round with home field… Continue

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$20,000 is alot of money

I’m at the point in my trip planning where I need to figure out how much this thing is going to cost realistically.  Two and a half month trip

around the country sure can take a toll on your pocketbook.  I am looking into how to get sponsorship for my trip, and first things first; I need to figure out how much this thing is going to cost. 

                The very first tentative route I’m going to take has me starting my trip in Detroit on April 5th and ending in…

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