What a wild night for us Tigers fans here in Afghanistan. The game started at 8pm Eastern time 430am Afghan time. We are 8 and a half hour ahead of New York if you’re bad at math. Shortly after 0430 I was able to get on the computer in the office and log on to my MLB.com account. I pulled up the audio for the game and it was already 2-0 Tigers. I left the game up while I was in and out of the office. In the facility I work in there is one TV that we have access to. It’s in our main Operations where all the higher ranking people work. I snuck in there pretending to drop off paperwork and stayed for about an hour. It was such an exciting game I hated leaving that TV. We got out of work at 7am local time. We all rushed to the chow hall to eat breakfast. When we arrived it was the 7th inning. Benoit came into the game with one man on. He loaded the bases and walked in a run. There were about 50 soldiers sitting around one TV in the chow hall in utter discomfort. The tension was amazing. We were sitting there, thousands of miles from Yankee Stadium, but it felt like we were right there. Benoit got us out of the inning and the chow hall crowd went wild. We sat there in the chow hall watching the remainder of the game. When the Tigers got the final out we all went wild. It was so much fun. I’m so excited to see the Tigers take on the Rangers in the ALCS.

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