When I first thought about chasing this dream I did a Google search for ball park guides.  I stumbled across www.ballparkchasers.com.  I joined the site and sent a message to Craig B. Landgren who runs the site.  I asked him for any tips that he may have that would be helpful in my journey.  He told me of a book he helped contribute to called the The Fastest Thirty Ballgames: A Ballpark Chasers World Record Story By Douglas “Chuck” Booth.  Craig also gave me Chucks contact information and told me I should contact him because he was an expert on such matters. 

Chuck holds the world record for most games seen in the most ballparks in the shortest period of time.  That record being 30 games in 30 ballparks in only 24 days.   The Fastest 30 is about his journey(s) and all the trials and tribulations he ran into along the way.  It is an incredibly informative book for any ballpark chaser.  You can purchase a paperback copy of his book for $19.99 or a kindle version for $7.99 on Amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/The-Fastest-Thirty-Ballgames-Ballpark/dp/1452...

I contacted Chuck and told him about my trip.  That has been the most beneficial email I have sent.  Not only has he written a book, but he also has his own website http://fastestthirtyballgames3021.wordpress.com/ but he also writes for www.mlbreports.com.  One of the things he often touches on is how to get the most out of your travel for your money.  While planning my trip I have often referenced his articles for tips to make my travel planning a little easier.  The nice thing about these posts is they can be referenced for all travel not just baseball travel. 

I will be meeting up with Chuck on April 15th when we are both in NYC for a Yankees game, hopefully.  He will be trying to break his own world record this summer and will be attending a game in Toronto earlier in the day on the 15th.  He recently posted a preview of the Yankees game gave me a little mention.  Check it out http://fastestthirtyballgames3021.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/yankee-s...  Follow him as he chases his own baseball dream this summer. 

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