I've been working on the details of this trip.  I know where I'm going to be when and how long it is going to take to get to each park.  What I am still working on is where I'm going to stay when.  If you know any good places to stay in any of these cities or anywhere between them send me an email at Baseballdreamin45@yahoo.com.  Here is where I will be on game day and the finer details of the trip.  If you would like to come along or meet me for a game let me know as soon as you know!

Detroit Tigers
Day Thursday April 4th
Distance: 64.5mi  
Drive Time:  1:14
Game time 105
Cincinnati Reds
Day Saturday April 7th
Distance: 263mi
Drive Time: 4:28
Game time: 7:10pm
Pittsburg Pirates
Day: Sunday April 8th
Distance: 288mi
Drive Time: 5:08
Game Time: 1:35pm
Cleveland Indians
Day: Monday April 9th
Distance:  133 miles
Drive Time: 2:19
Game Times: 7:05pm
Toronto Blue Jays
Day: Wednesday April 11th
Distance:  294.9 Miles
Drive Time: 5:05
Game Time: 12:37PM
Boston Red Sox
Day: Friday April 13th
Distance:  546.5 miles
Time: 9:34
Game Times: 2:05
Philadelphia Phillies
Day: Saturday April 14th
Distance:  319 miles
Drive Time: 5:39

Game Times:  1:05


New York Yankees
Day: Sunday April 15th
Distance: 106
Drive Time:  2:05
Game time 8:05
Washington Nationals
Day: Tuesday April 17th
Distance: 237
Drive Time:  4:27
Game time 7:05
New York Mets
Day: Sunday April 20th
Distance: 239
Drive Time:  4:39
Game time 7:10pm
Baltimore Orioles
Day: Sunday April 24th
Distance: 203
Drive Time:  3:48
Game time 7:05
Tampa Bay Rays
Day: Sunday April 26th
Distance: 968
Drive Time:  16:10
Game time 1:10
Miami Marlins
Day: Friday April 27th
Distance: 266
Drive Time:  4:13
Game time 7:10
Atlanta Braves
Day: Saturday April 28th
Distance: 662
Drive Time:  10:44
Game time 7:10
St. Louis Cardinals
Day: Tuesday May 1st
Distance: 554
Drive Time:  9:28
Game time 8:15
Kansas City Royals
Day: Thursday May 3rd
Distance: 241
Drive Time:  4:01
Game time 6:00
Houston Astros
Day: Saturday May 5th
Distance: 762
Drive Time:  12:38
Game time 7:05
Arizona Diamondbacks
Day: Monday May 7th
Distance: 1,176
Drive Time:  15:53
Game time 9:40
San Diego Padres
Day: Tuesday May 8th
Distance: 356
Drive Time:  6:00
Game time 7:05
Los Angeles Dodgers
Day: Wednesday May 9th
Distance: 124
Drive Time:  2:09
Game time 7:10
Anaheim Angels
Day: Monday May 14th
Distance: 30
Drive Time:  42
Game time 7:05
San Francisco Giants
Day: Wednesday May 16th
Distance: 409
Drive Time:  6:50
Game time 10:15
Oakland Athletics
Day: Monday May 21st
Distance: 15
Drive Time: 0:25
Game time 10:05
Seattle Mariners
Day: Thursday May 24th
Distance: 807
Drive Time:  13:37
Game time 7:10
Colorado Rockies
Day: Monday May 28th
Distance: 1,368
Drive Time:  21:02
Game time 1:10
Texas Rangers
Day: Wednesday May 30th
Distance: 882
Drive Time:  13:35
Game time 7:05
Chicago White Sox
Day: Friday June 1st
Distance: 980
Drive Time:  15:42
Game time 7:10
Milwaukee Brewers
Day: Sunday June 3rd
Distance: 95
Drive Time:  1:48
Game time 2:10
Minnesota Twins
Day: Sunday June 10th
Distance: 334
Drive Time:  5:56
Game time 1:10
Chicago Cubs
Day: Tuesday June 12th
Distance: 407
Drive Time:  7:20
Game time 8:05
Detroit Tigers
Day: Friday June 15th
Distance: 288
Drive Time:  4:57
Game time 7:05

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Comment by Cam Cain (29) on March 10, 2012 at 1:51pm

My Marlins game is the day after. Sorry.

Comment by Ed Ferbel on March 6, 2012 at 11:50am

I will be at the Marlins game and also the next night, lets be in touch as its nears maybe we can hook up

Comment by Bill Pritchard (29) on March 2, 2012 at 9:00am

You might have been lucky and got a great deal, I went up for New Year's Eve and the prices were still in the mid $200's. The game he is going to is at 2 pm, so nothing will be closed yet, it's just a matter of researching. Everything depends on when you are staying there too; if you stay Thursday night you will get a better deal. I would stay somewhere reasonable Thursday night and bite the bullet and pay to park somewhere, then just head towards Philly and get a cheaper hotel after the game on Friday afternoon.

Comment by Tim Choiniere on March 2, 2012 at 6:03am

I apologize for the Hotel Commonwealth suggestion. I stayed there a few times last year at a great rate.  But apparently their rates have jumped or I got very lucky.  That being said, you need to be very selective in terms of staying outside Boston.  Commuter Rail / subway don't run very late so you may be out of luck with a long game (been there when the subway closed before the game ended).  And driving in is very expensive ($35 for a game)

Comment by Bill Pritchard (29) on March 1, 2012 at 3:23pm

RJ if you are on a budget don't go to the Commonwealth in Boston. It's one of the nicer places in Boston but it is really expensive, especially during baseball season (Cheapest room is $450+ right now). The place I'm staying offers a 10% military discount, but it is only when the hotel is less than 70% occupied. Look to stay outside of the city for a reasonable rate.

Comment by Tim Choiniere on March 1, 2012 at 6:45am

Definitely agree with the previous poster about Amtrak between Boston and DC. You do not want to be driving and you will save a lot of money. Buy the tickets ahead of time.  Unless you are taking your own car.  For a hotel in DC, look at the Americana hotel in Arlington. Cheap but very convenient and its what you need...For Boston, look at the Hotel Commonwealth down the street from Fenway.

Comment by johnny Harrison on February 29, 2012 at 7:18pm

Hi I live in Houston and can give tips on where to stay and what to eat while your here. Be prepared if your driving the trip from KC to Dallas might be the most boring on the planet. I stayed in the Hotel Helix while in DC it was nice but quirky. More importantly it fit the budget which is hard to do there. I also I would recommend Amtrak while in between DC and Boston.  

Comment by Cam Cain (29) on February 23, 2012 at 11:58am

Will likely be at the Marlins game but my tickets might be for the day after.

Comment by Scott Heaton (12) on February 18, 2012 at 8:15am

This is great!  I can let you know closer to the time, depending on work, I might be able to meet you at Yankee Stadium on April 15th.  I live about half an hour away in NJ, and you will come past me on the Turpike to go down to Washington.  I assume you will use the 16th as a travel day from NY to Washington.  I'll stay in touch with you.....as the 15th is an afternoon game, we can go out to eat by me or we can put the grill on for some skirt steak!


While you are out this way, you should check out the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, NJ.  You would come out this way anyway to get to DC!


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