Why the Tigers will go far!

The Detroit Tigers are going to do well in the post season.  I don’t want to say that they’re going to win it all because that would be bad Karma.  I have some good/bad luck when it comes to my sports teams while I’m deployed to the Middle East. 
My favorite sports teams are the Detroit Tigers, Michigan State Spartans, Pittsburgh Steelers, and I tend to watch the Detroit Red Wings when it comes to payoff time.
While in Iraq the MSU Football team went 9-4 overall and played in a Jan 1 bowl game (The Capital One Bowl Game) against Georgia.  For my fellow MSU fans out there that’s a pretty darn good year for us.   When you’re compared to the University of Michigan consistently.  This year while in Afghanistan the MSU Football team went 11-2 overall.  Losing only one regular season game and finishing with the best record in school history.  They were also co Big Ten champions with Wisconsin and Ohio State.
When I was in Iraq the MSU Basketball team made it all the way to the National Championship game.  What is more amazing about that is that it was in Detroit.  The chances of that ever happening again are
slim to none.  I’m still bitter that I missed out on all that excitement.  I’d
rather not talk about how they did this season though! Ha-ha.
The Pittsburgh Steelers made it to the Super bowl and won in 2008/2009.  It was so amazingly exciting.  The Army decided to
let us have to ALCOHOLIC beers.  I had two Bud Lights.  The Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in what was one of the greatest Super Bowls I had ever seen.  I was there with great friends, watched a great game, and drank some great beer.  My roommate’s cousin is Lamar Woodley so he was just as excited as I was.  This year the Steelers returned to the Super Bowl.  This time I was working and didn’t get to see much at all.  There was no beer and I’d rather not talk about the score of the game!
Like I said I'm not much of a hockey fan but I do watch playoff hockey.  When we were on our way home from Iraq it was the Stanley Cup Championship.  The Red Wings were playing the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I got to watch all that excitement with a bunch of Wing Nutz in Camp Virginia, Kuwait.
For that reason right there I believe the Detroit Tigers are going to do great things this post season.  I already looked into it and if there were a game 7 in the World Series it would be Oct 27th.  I’m almost certain I will not be home by then.  If I were I would have bought a game 7 ticket
and be prepared to go to the World Series regardless of who’s in and where it’s at.

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