Was talking to my boss yesterday and he now says that he would prefer to send me to work in New Mexico in December instead of August.  This would completely screw me for my SeeAll30 Summer.  After getting pissy about this for a while, my wife tells me, "You should still go". I asked her, "What?" "You need to complete this, you are so close.  Just go", she says.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!  Man I love this woman!  After trying to work out the schedule to go sooner (so I would have more time with her before our Alaskan cruise we have had booked for over a year and then the start of the run up for tax season... ie.. teaching classes each week that will have me away from home a few nights/week), she says to me, "I thought you were excited to be at Dodger Stadium for that Bobblehead (Vin Scully).  You should just stick with the schedule you already have so you can be there for it."  Simply amazing!  I also have plans with other friends as well along the way, so this way I will be able to meet up with them as planned.  Long story short, I ended up telling my boss that "December will not work for me, with family holiday obligations and all" (I need to be home on the weekends, and my wife wasn't happy about me being gone 2-3 weeks in December), so if August wont work as planned, I wont be going to work in New Mexico this year.  So a trip that I once thought was in jeopardy, ended up not being thanks to my amazing wife who obviously knows just how important this is to me (oh yeah, I did tell her a few weeks back that I will take her to Hawaii for 10-14 days next year as a thank you, so maybe that has something to do with it... though for me, after AK in September, it will give me my 50th state, so works for me also).  I will have 5 days to do stuff between the game(s) in Denver (meeting up with Meg) and my next set of games that puts me back on track to my previously scheduled trip (those were the 5 days I was supposed to work originally), so I am thinking Isotopes game(s) in Albuquerque (see Meg, I do check the MiLB schedules lol) and the Grand Canyon.  Or maybe a Historical run in NM.  After seeing Brad Meltzer's show on Billy The Kid, I've wanted to do that.  End up in Tucson for a night, check out a 'friends' brewery (Dragoon Brewing), then up to Phoenix (stay in Scottsdale) for 2-3 D'Backs games.  Sounds like a fun trip to me.  Adding as many possible "Free Things" to do along the way.  Let me just add this though, as soon as I get excited for these changes, you just watch, the boss will decide to do NM in August after all and I will have to change it all again...

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Comment by Chuck Harmeyer on June 15, 2012 at 9:07pm

Good luck to you in getting the remaining 7 parks.  Funny, I've got 49 states also.  Just missing AK.


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