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My Upcoming Schedule...

Here are the games I have scheduled for the rest of the year, I am sure there will be more, but as of now these are the ones I know of for sure. If you plan to be at any of these, and want to say "HEY!", let me know :)

July 8th - Tigers vs Mariners @ Safeco Field

July 11th - Angels vs Mariners @ Safeco Field

July 23rd - Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

July 24th - Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

July 25th - Marlins vs Padres @ Petco Park

July 26th - Marlins vs…


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My #SeeAll30 Summer trip to all 30 MLB Ballparks...

Here are a few stats about my trip from this season:

30 games in 30 parks, 366 singles by 202 different players (most: 8 by Pedroia of BOS), 103 doubles by 88 different players (most: 3 by Saunders of SEA), 12 triples by 12 different players, 63 HR's by 50 different players (most: 5 by Saltalamacchia of BOS) all producing a total of 288 runs. I saw 2 Grand Slams: 1 by Youkilis (BOS), ironically against the team he would later be traded to (CHW) & 1 by Reddick (Oak - his 1st career…


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My New Schedule... Updated: 8/6/2012

My boss officially cancelled my work trip to New Mexico for August, so here is my updated schedule for the 2nd half of my SeeAll30 Summer:

16 MLB games & 4 MiLB games...

8/15 - Boise vs Salem-Keizer

8/17 - Colorado Springs vs Albuquerque

8/18 - Rockies vs Marlins

8/19 - Rockies vs Marlins

8/20 - Albuquerque vs New Orleans

8/21 - Grand Canyon/Flagstaff (might get crazy and add another D'Backs game here)

8/22 - D'backs vs Marlins…


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My SeeAll30 Summer... in jeopardy?!?

Was talking to my boss yesterday and he now says that he would prefer to send me to work in New Mexico in December instead of August.  This would completely screw me for my SeeAll30 Summer.  After getting pissy about this for a while, my wife tells me, "You should still go". I asked her, "What?" "You need to complete this, you are so close.  Just go", she says.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!  Man I love this woman!  After trying to work out the schedule to go sooner (so I would have more…


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Possible games for me this summer... EDIT: 3/30/2012

EDIT:  Talked to the Boss this morning... I **AM** going to New Mexico and he agreed to the timing of August 20-24 for me to be working there!  So, it's OFFICIAL, I *AM* gonna make a run at all 30 this season!  Now I just need Chuck's schedule to go smoothly, or for him to have make up games where I need to pick up games as well and all will be golden!

Time to SEEALL30(.com)! :)

In addition to going out on the road with Chuck Booth next month, I have a possibility…


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My Trip With Chuck... Edited: 3/13/2012

That sounds like a good book title, dont it?  "My Trip With Chuck"? :) lol  Anyway, after our 2010 trip fell thru, this trip will be awesome!  Got 5 weeks from Thursday.  Can't wait to pick him up at the airport in Seattle on the 19th!

April 19th – Safeco Field – Mariners vs Indians*

April 20th – Kauffman Stadium – Royals vs Blue Jays*

April 21st – Wrigley Field – Cubs vs Reds*+

April 21st – Miller Park – Brewers vs…


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"Wasted Trip"... NO MORE! :)

So after some research and coming up with a way to present it to my wife that made sense, I can say that my "Wasted Trip" is wasted no more! I talked my wife into letting me fly back East a few days ahead of her. In doing so I will make a stop in Minneapolis (actually in and out of Milwaukee, even with the added gas fee, cause I would have got a car anyway, it was still about $100 cheaper) on my way to Baltimore. In MPLS I will catch 2 games at Target Field, July 18th & 19th (vs the White… Continue

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Wasted Trip?

So every trip I do is booked around the MLB schedule (this annoys my wife, but are you kidding me? Of course I am going to consult the schedules). However, a trip I will be doing in July, well, I don't wanna call it a "Wasted Trip", but it sure is a big ole bummer. See, my nephew Sean is getting married to his amazing fiance Nicole on July 23rd in Mystic, CT. My brothers kids are as close as I will ever come to having kids, so when Sean called me to tell me he was getting married and asked me… Continue

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I'm going back to Cali...

So the wife and I planned a trip to Disneyland with some friends and their kids for this coming August. Over the past week or so I have been looking into driving to LA, even if just by myself. As it turns out, I will be going solo. That worries me not. If you're gonna be driving and you're gonna be in town when there are games being played, seems silly not to take in said games, yeah? I FULLY AGREE! So here is what I am looking at:

August 17th:
Depart Lacey, WA @ 4am (no later… Continue

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Our New 2010 Road Trip Schedule....

Been meaning to post this for a while. I got an email from Chuck that said he wanted to make a few changes to the schedule cause he hates having a day of vacation where he doesn't get to see a game/ball park and I fully agree! So below is our new schedule and a few stats about it...

June 22 – Drive from Lacey to Denver

June 23 – Red Sox vs Rockies @ Coors

June 24 – Red Sox vs Rockies @ Coors

June 25 – Cardinals vs Royals @ Kauffman

June 26 – Cubs vs White Sox @ US… Continue

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2010 Road Trip planned!!

Since MLB announced their 2010 schedules the week of September 15th, it was time for all of us "Ball Park Geeks" to sit down and start planning our 2010 Baseball Road Trips. 2010 will be very different than I had originally pictured it. I only need to pick up Target Field in Minneapolis to (re)complete having seen all 30 current MLB ballparks. I had planned a quick run over to Minnesota for a game, or two, then back home. I got to talking to Chuck Booth about it a while ago and we decided to… Continue

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The Top 30... As I See It!

I have never actually sat down to rank my "Top 30" before, but here it is. These are based on everything that goes into going to a game, not just the park itself. It's the overall experience... As I See It :)

1. Chicago Cubs-WRIGLEY FIELD

2. Boston Red Sox-FENWAY PARK

3. Seattle Mariners-SAFECO FIELD


5. Philadelphia Phillies-CITIZENS BANK PARK

6. Detroit Tigers-COMERICA PARK

7. San Francisco… Continue

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Chuck Booth's 30/23 (24) Attempt... (Updated: 8/14/09)

August 14

6:27pm (PST) - CONGRATS CHUCK BOOTH!! You are the World Record Holder!! With a walk-off HR by Brandon Inge in the bottom of the 9th, the game has ended in Detroit and thus Chuck has officially seen 30 games in 30 MLB parks in 24 days!!

Just got a call from Chuck, he is celebrating! What a way to end your World Record breaking trip with your 4th walk-off if the trip! He and 35,000+ Tiger fans got to see an awesome 2 hour and 20 minute game that… Continue

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Change in schedule!! WOOHOOO!!!


How I missed this, I dunno, but I can say that after looking at, I noticed that on June 18th we could do an afternoon game at Yankee Stadium (1pm vs the Nationals) then get outta there ASAP and make it to Fenway for the night game (7:10pm vs the Marlins). It's gonna be tight, but we'll do it :) WOOHOOO! Gonna grab a couple SRO's and have a great time!

New schedule… Continue

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Gearing up for the 2009 Ballpark Road Trip! (Updated: 3/27/2009)

The schedule is set:

June 15th - Lv Sea @ 10:30am Non-Stop to BWI Ar @ 6:29pm

June 16th - Orioles vs Mets - 7:05pm @ Camden Yards

June 17th - Phillies vs Blue Jays - 7:05pm @ Citizens Bank Park

June 18th - Yankees vs Nationals - 1:05pm @ (new) Yankee Stadium

June 19th - Mets vs Rays - 7:10pm @ Citi Field

June 20th - Nationals vs Blue Jays - 7:05pm @ Nationals Park

Got tickets to the first 2 games already. Just waiting for the others to go onsale to… Continue

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Hi! My name is Ken and I'm a ballpark addict!

They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step on your way to recovery. Well, I have been an addict for years and I don't see my "problem" going away any time soon. Just last night I commented to my wife, as we watched "I Survived A Japanese Game Show", "It would be fun to go to Tokyo, we could catch a game at the Tokyo Dome!"

My addiction started so innocently. It was 1977 and after a few months of listening to Seattle Mariner games on radio (as they were only on TV… Continue

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BallParks I have seen.... (updated: June 22, 2009)

Current Parks:

Safeco Field - Seattle, WA

Fenway Park - Boston, MA

Wrigley Field - Chicago, IL

Yankee Stadium - Bronx, NY

Citi Field - Queens, NY

Nationals Park - Washington DC

Angel Stadium - Anaheim, CA

Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, CA

AT&T Park - San Francisco, CA

McAfee Coliseum - Oakland, CA

Petco Park - San Diego, CA

Coors Field - Denver, CO

Chase Field - Phoenix, AZ

Metrodome - Minneapolis, MN

Miller… Continue

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