How I missed this, I dunno, but I can say that after looking at www.baseballtripplanner.com, I noticed that on June 18th we could do an afternoon game at Yankee Stadium (1pm vs the Nationals) then get outta there ASAP and make it to Fenway for the night game (7:10pm vs the Marlins). It's gonna be tight, but we'll do it :) WOOHOOO! Gonna grab a couple SRO's and have a great time!

New schedule is as follows:

June 16th - Orioles vs Mets - 7:05pm @ Camden Yards
June 17th - Phillies vs Blue Jays - 7:05pm @ Citizens Bank Park
June 18th - Yankees vs Nationals - 1:05pm @ (new) Yankee Stadium
June 18th - Red Sox vs Marlins - 7:10pm @ Fenway Park
June 19th - Mets vs Rays - 7:10pm @ Citi Field
June 20th - Nationals vs Blue Jays - 7:05pm @ Nationals Park

This will be awesome!! 6 games, 5 days... and now FENWAY!

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Comment by Miguel Rodriguez on June 17, 2009 at 11:16am
Rain in the forecast all day for Tomorrow....
I will still take off from work and get in there.
Hopefully they get the game in, even if it's 5 innings...
I'll take a rain shortened W!!!!!!
Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on June 7, 2009 at 8:18am
Thanks for the info... I know that we will probably miss the 1st inning, I already have that understanding, especially since I wanna check into our hotel first (also knowing we will have to leave Yankee stadium as soon as it's an official game or 3pm, whichever is first). I am actually thinking of going I-95 up to I-93 and in that way, cause it appears quicker to my hotel (once in Boston), and it keeps me off I-90 (Mass Pike). Either way I know it's gonna be tough, but that's why I am glad this isn't a 30 in 30, cause I would have never scheduled this. This is just making it to Boston for a game (most of it) and showing a buddy of mine Fenway because I love it so much and he has never been there :)

You capitalized "Stadium", so Yankee is my assumption, we have bleacher seats, section 235, row 10. :) Lemme know :)
Comment by Miguel Rodriguez on June 7, 2009 at 7:12am
By the Way. It's virtually impossible to make it to Fenway with the traffic up by where I live in North Haven. The I-95 merge in New Haven is horrible plus all the traffic from the city to New Haven on a Thursday. I would recommend leaving your wheels in New Haven. Taking the train down to the game. Once the game is over the new train station will get you to New Haven in 90 minutes. The fastest I've ever made it to Boston going up 91 and crossing over to I 84 and onto the mass pike is 1 hr 40 minutes at this time of day.

The Merritt Parkway is just as bad with the rush hour traffic. I don't want to burst your bubble with the Fenway Action. Even with a 3:30 end time it will take a minimum of 2 hours to get to New Haven on a Thursday.
Comment by Miguel Rodriguez on June 7, 2009 at 7:06am
Ken we will be at the Stadium on the same day. Photo Op time......
I'm glad you have a nice 6 game swing coming out here.
I'll let you know where we are sitting for the Nats game.


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