Gearing up for the 2009 Ballpark Road Trip! (Updated: 3/27/2009)

The schedule is set:

June 15th - Lv Sea @ 10:30am Non-Stop to BWI Ar @ 6:29pm
June 16th - Orioles vs Mets - 7:05pm @ Camden Yards
June 17th - Phillies vs Blue Jays - 7:05pm @ Citizens Bank Park
June 18th - Yankees vs Nationals - 1:05pm @ (new) Yankee Stadium
June 19th - Mets vs Rays - 7:10pm @ Citi Field
June 20th - Nationals vs Blue Jays - 7:05pm @ Nationals Park

Got tickets to the first 2 games already. Just waiting for the others to go onsale to try and get them that way vs Stub Hub/eBay. Hotel rooms are book/paid for as well as our rental car. Waiting on buying our plane tickets for a bit to see if we can get a deal, hopefully they wont go up any more.

Since my buddy Bob is going with me we are really gonna make the most of this trip and do the tourist thing all around. I am really looking forward to showing him around Washington D.C., Philadelphia and our trip to Gettysburg, which we have been talking about doing since we were in 7th grade! Bob's not even a big baseball fan but after this trip he will have been to 8 current parks (all with me)! I told him the other day, "I know some huge fans that its their dream to see them all that haven't been to that many!" It will also give him 6 more states, so that's awesome also!

More details and they become available...

2/27/2009 - Update: Our Orioles tickets arrived in the mail today. I also switched from Sirius to XM radio today, that means all the baseball games on radio when I am on the road... WOOHOO! :)

2/28/2009 - Update: Bought our Yankee tickets on Stub Hub today. Not sure what they would have been normally, but I got them for $15/each... bleacher seats, on the aisle. Cheap seats in Philly was $18, so $15 on Stub Hub is pretty good I guess :)

Speaking of Yankee tickets... if you haven't been by the Yankees web site and did the virtual tour deal of the new stadium (3d Seat Selector), you gotta go do that, it's pretty cool. Here is a link to that: New York Yankees 3D Seat Selector.

3/3/2009 - Just bought our Nationals tickets. I got them all now except for the Mets and still not sure of an onsale date for them :)

3/13/2009 - Got our Nat's tix in the mail today. Still gotta get Mets tickets, they are putting them on sale weird, only April and May right now, more later... so gotta wait.

3/14/2009 - Bought our plane tickets last night. Got a non-stop flight from SEA to BWI on Air Trans. Leaves Seattle at 10:30am and get in to Baltimore at 6:29pm. That gets us in about 14 hours earlier than we had originally planned... which gives us more time to enjoy our nations capital. As soon as we get in we will head straight to DC, enjoy dinner, a few local brews and tour some of the monuments.

3/27/2009 - Still waiting on Mets tickets to go onsale, fully. They have April & May onsale now, but I need June tickets... still waiting. Still haven't got my Yankee tickets from StubHub yet either, soon hopefully. Other than that, pretty set. Just waiting for June 15th... 11 weeks from Monday :)

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Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on March 14, 2009 at 8:01am
Thanks Steve! I am looking forward to going back to Camden, will be my 3rd game there, 4th time to the park (did the tour 4 years ago also). Baltimore is a great town. Wish we had more time for it, but we're wanting to concentrate most of our time in DC. Will still leave plenty of time for Ft. McHenry and crab for dinner for sure :) This will only be my 2nd time to Citizens, so I am looking forward to getting to explore it more.

I was going to do Yankee Stadium & Citi the 1st week of May, until Bob said he could go and that week didn't work for him... would have been awesome, with a Red Sox vs Yanks game!! :) Enjoy your trip, I can't wait to hear what ya thought of the parks.
Comment by SteveHarvill(30/43) on March 8, 2009 at 4:05pm
Sounds like a great trip Ken. I'm sure your friend will love it. Camden, and Citizens are two of my favorite parks. Make sure you check out Baltimore's Inner Harbor after the game. Ive planned Citi Field and Yankee Stadium for early May...can't wait!!
Comment by Craig (16) on February 25, 2009 at 11:19am
Awesome! I am so jealous! Have fun Ken!


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