Chuck Booth's 30/23 (24) Attempt... (Updated: 8/14/09)

August 14
6:27pm (PST) - CONGRATS CHUCK BOOTH!! You are the World Record Holder!! With a walk-off HR by Brandon Inge in the bottom of the 9th, the game has ended in Detroit and thus Chuck has officially seen 30 games in 30 MLB parks in 24 days!!

Just got a call from Chuck, he is celebrating! What a way to end your World Record breaking trip with your 4th walk-off if the trip! He and 35,000+ Tiger fans got to see an awesome 2 hour and 20 minute game that ended 1-0 thanks to Brandon Inge.

3:11pm (PST) - With just under an hour to go until game time, I have confirmation that Chuck is at the ball park with the Salters. Here is a couple pix, more later...

12:18pm (PST) - The day is finally here... today Chuck Booth will make history as he becomes the fastest person to see a home game at all 30 Major League Ball Parks. I can only imagine how he is feeling as the game draws near...

I did get a call from him a few minutes ago. He let me know he was about 25 miles outside of Detroit and would be meeting up with some friends there to hang out before time and then head to the game together. Funny story is that this family, the Salters, met Chuck at a game last year when he made this attempt. They had read an article about him in the Detroit Free Press last year and then saw him at a game and introduced themselves. They have been big supports of his on both of his attempts. What's really interesting is that they were all supposed to get together for game # 2 on Day # 1 of the trip, but after missing his plane in Pittsburgh bound for Detroit, he reluctantly had to tell them he wouldn't be there. Now, because of that, the Salters family gets to be with Chuck as he attends game # 30, at Park # 30 on Day # 24!! You really gotta love how things all work out like that.

Game time is 7:05 pm (EST) at Comerica Park, Royals vs Tigers (Greinke vs Washburn). As soon as I get confirmation he is at the game, I will post it!!

August 13
9:45pm (PST) - I just got a call from Chuck, he is in Wilkes-Barre, PA, about 70 miles from Williamsport. He called to let me know that he will be on CKNW Sports Talk Radio at 10:10pm (PST). So in just a few minutes you can go to and listen to Chuck... maybe even call in and ask a question!!

2:00pm (PST) - The rain held off, thankfully, and the game is over, # 29 is in the bag and Chuck is on his way to Detroit for # 30 and the World Record. He was able to get his rental car, a Toyota Yaris, without any issues this time and will be making a stop tonight in Williamsburg, PA, home of the Little League World Series, which puts him right about 440 miles outside of Detroit.

Next up: Game #30 - Comerica Park, Royals vs Tigers (Greinke vs Washburn)... history will be made!!

10:49am (PST) - A Yankee fan in Beantown... Chuck has made it to Boston! Tigers vs Red Sox (Verlander vs Bucholtz). This was originally scheduled to be game # 30 in 23 days, but is now # 29 in 23 days. He had been worried about the weather and so far so good. He is under cover in case it starts raining, sitting in the right field grandstands.

He got to see an interesting pregame ceremony as today is "Tickets for Troops" day and they saluted the military with over 1,000 tickets being donated to members of the armed forces by both regular fans and season ticket holders. I got to watch the ceremony on TV here at home and it was quite touching, including having the father of a local soldier that was killed in Afghanistan throw out the first pitch.

After the game he has to get outta town right away and head to Detroit for # 30 in 24 days. He had a decent drive ahead of him, just over 850 miles or so to do in about 25 hours or less. The World Record is in reach now... as long as the rain holds off in Boston!

August 12
3:37pm (PST) - Chuck made it to Atlanta just after 3pm (EST). After having issues, yet again, with trying to get a rental car from Thrifty (some problem about his credit card being used too much, too many times, with the difference between CA meaning Canada and CA meaning California... whatta hassle), he grabbed a cab and headed into town. With a quick stop at the nearest Best Western to use their internet for free, he made it to Turner Field for tonight's game, Nationals vs Braves (Stammen vs Lowe). He got his tickets when he got to the park and was able to pull 2 upper deck seats, behind home, for $11! Day of game tickets can be an awesome way to go...

After talking to him for a while I got to thinking about a few things, so I asked some questions. There are things that he has to deal with that most of us, meant American citizens, wouldn't have to deal with on a trip like this, such as: When booking cars or hotels online as a Canadian citizen you have to deal with the exchange rate. So if you book something in advance, the price you pay when you use that reservation may be more than when you booked it.. talk about a pain in the wallet! This is why he has booked as much as he could on Priceline and prepaid for it, the problem with that is if your schedule changes, you're out. But if everything goes smooth, your set and you dont have to worry about the exchange rate.

Another issue is that after tomorrows game in Boston, Tigers vs Red Sox (Verlander vs Bucholtz), he has to drive to Detroit. It's not the fact he has to drive, it's the way he has to drive. Most of us, would just go the quickest route, which takes you from Boston to Detroit, via Buffalo and in Canada. No big deal, right? However, as a Canadian citizen, he can not drive a U.S. rental car into Canada. So he has to take a different route that, according to my mapping software, adds just over 2 hours of drive time!! It really makes you think about how hard this trip would be for anyone to do, yet when you add to that the fact that there are things that he simply can not do, it makes it that much more difficult as well as much more impressive!

August 11
6:38pm (PST) - Chuck's World Record attempt has him in the Twin Cities tonight for a game at the Metrodome, Royals vs Twins (Davis vs Blackburn), where he will be seeing the Royals for the 4th time in 3 weeks (plus he will see them in Detroit on Friday to complete the trip).

He had an easy flight in, finally. He took the light rail from the airport to the game, and will take it back as well. Was able to get a cheap seat for the game, $10, out in the home run porch. He's got an early flight out in the morning headed to Atlanta for the Nationals vs Braves (Stammen vs Lowe) game.

Speaking of the light rail (public transportation), he told me that he has found so far that for less than $10 R/T you can take public transpo to and from the parks in Minneapolis, Cleveland, Arizona, San Diego, Baltimore, Oakland, Pittsburgh and for both parks in both New York and Chicago. Got to appreciate that, much cheaper than getting a rental car, and more than likely, faster.... plus no fee for parking at the game!

On his trip so far the home teams are 19-7. With a quick look at the Twins game right now, its the top of the 4th, Royals are up 9-1... Twins got a long ways to go if they are gonna give Chuck another home team victory.

August 10
6:37pm (PST) - He's made it to the desert! He was scheduled to make it to Chase Field in Phoenix a couple hours before game time, but thanks to flight delays (yet again!) and being thankful he wasn't picking up a rental car (cause it would have taken too long), he arrived at the park via cab with only 10 minutes to spare! Had he needed to get a rental car, he would have been toast! Thankfully he had done his homework and knew it would be better to just cab it... being prepared and knowing the lay of the land pays off yet again!

Tonight's game is the Met's vs D'Backs (Pelfrey vs Davis). He has certainly been getting his fill of the Mets as this is his 4th or 5th time seeing them on his trip.

Chase Field is ballpark # 26 in 20 days! Tomorrow marks the 3 week mark of the trip and he will be at the Metrodome for the Royals vs Twins (Davies vs Blackburn).

August 9
2:17pm (PST) - Got a great call from Chuck just a few minutes ago... he's at Safeco and was justifiably excited about getting parking a few blocks from The Safe for $7 to go along with his $7 bleacher seat and his amazing Garlic "Rally" Fries! We talked about the Mariners and how Ichiro always has a great game when he is there.

But let's back up a bit... last night at the Dodger game, he finished his interview with CKNW and ended up falling asleep in his car in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Much to his surprise nobody came b y to wake him up and tell him to move along. Luckily he woke up in time to get to John Wayne Airport at 6:20am for his 8am flight. He made it but never anticipated the full hour it would take to get through security!! He made his flight, which was slightly delayed, and he got to Seattle, a bit late, but with his buddy waiting at the Denny's across from Sea-Tac airport with a meal ready for him, he had a bite to eat and headed for the ballpark.

After the game tonight he heads home for a bit and with some clean clothes he will head to Phoenix tomorrow for a game at Chase Field, Mets vs D'Backs (Pelfrey vs Davis). Minneapolis and the Metrodome await him on Tuesday...

12:43pm (PST) - "Home Sweet Home"... Chuck is in Seattle at Safeco Field and ready for game # 25 of his trip, the Tampa Bay Rays vs Seattle Mariners (Kazmir vs Rowland-Smith). The end and World Record is in his sights now with Arizona, Minnesota, Atlanta, Boston and Detroit left on the schedule in the next 5 days.

August 8
11:05pm (PST) - Just listened to Chuck's interview on CKNW via If you missed it, he was on his cell phone still at the Dodger game because it was a long one as it went into extra frames. He was live on the air as he told us that the Braves won it, and broke his streak of 12 home team wins by beating the Dodgers. Was a really good interview, too short though really.

For those of you that missed it, or those that want to hear it again, I was able to record it and you can listen to at the following 2 links. It is in 2 parts cause I didn't want to record commercials. Part # 1 starts partially into the interview, sorry about that...

Chuck Booth CKNW interview Part # 1

Chuck Booth CKNW Interview Part # 2

6:30pm (PST) - Got a call from Chuck around 4pm, he was on I-5 headed to Dodger Stadium after a quick game at Angel Stadium. He told me he got a tip on some free parking that was close to the interstate and only about 1/2 mile walk to the park. He gave it a shot and it worked out great! As it is, he had just over 3 hours til the night game and I told him he had plenty of time to go to Disneyland if he wanted lol :) He didn't want to take the chance with the LA freeways lol, don't blame him!! :)

This was the last doubleheader of his trip! He nailed it! Tomorrow it's Seattle for the Rays vs Mariners (Kazmir vs Rowland-Smith). I was hoping to join him for the game, but will be unable to do so, sadly. However, I will be here to update everyone :)

11:31am (PST) - In La La Land... Chuck has made it to the land of Halos... Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Should be a great game, Millwood vs Weaver... national TV at that! :)

8:16am (PST) - Chuck will be on CKNW 980AM in Vancouver at 10:40pm (PST) TONIGHT!!! He will be live from the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. They stream online at, tune in and listen to Chuck discuss his trip!

7:52am (PST) - A few interesting stats: With San Diego's walk-off win last night, Chuck has now see 3 walk-off wins on his trip. The other 2 were in Pittsburgh (his 1st game of the trip) when Brandon Moss hit an HR to win 8-7 and in Florida where Cody Ross and Dan Uggla went back-to-back for the tie and then the win. The Padres win also continues his streak of home team wins to 11 straight now with an overall home team record of 16-6.

August 7
10:12pm (PST) - Chuck is on the West Coast....he had a pretty uneventful day today. His morning flight to San Diego went as planned, he checked into a hostel which is 1 block from the ballpark and got to the game early. I got my call in about the 8th inning with the Mets leading 2-1. Chuck said it was actually a pretty boring game, figured the crowd had a lot to do with that... even if they were celebrating Rickey Henderson's HOF Induction there in San Diego this weekend (the 2nd time on his trip he got to take in a celebration for Rickey, the last time was in Oakland a few days ago). He also told me that this is the 4th straight year he has caught a game at Petco Park and it's kinda lost its magic. He said he honestly thought that might have something to do with the caliber of team on the field as well, but either way, Petco has dropped some in the rankings!

Tomorrow he heads to Los Angeles for a battle of the top 2 teams in the AL West in the afternoon game at Angel Stadium, Rangers vs Angels (Millwood vs Weaver). Then he heads across town for the night cap at Dodger Stadium for the Braves vs Dodgers (Kawakami vs Kershaw).

As I am typing this, his game in San Diego just ended... whatta finish! The Padres came back to tie in 2-2 in the bottom of the 9th with no outs. Then they loaded the bases, which included an intentional walk, and Everth Cabrera took a 3-2 pitch, the 10th of his at-bat, and jacked it for a game-winning grand slam!! Don't get much better than that and keeps his streak of home teams winning alive for another game!!

August 6
4:42pm (PST) - Kansas City, Kansas City here he comes... Chuck is in KC and getting ready to see the Mariners vs Royals (Vargas vs Chen). We had a great chat about the game in Cleveland, a 2-1 Indians win, in 2 hours and 37 minutes, where Kerry Wood shut down the Twins in the 9th for his 15th Save. After the game he had to sprint darn near a full mile to get to the subway station in time, he barely made it, to ride the train out to the airport for his flight to Kansas City.

In KC, he had no problems making it to the park and after sending me his pix, he called and we chatted about things, ball park food and his upcoming schedule. Tomorrow he flies to San Diego for the Mets vs Padres game (Perez vs Correia), then it's a bus ride to Los Angeles for a doubleheader that includes Dodger & Angel Stadiums.

8:55am (PST) - Chuck has made it to Progressive Field aka "The Field Formerly Known As Jacobs". He'll be seeing the Twins take on the Indians (Blackburn vs Carmona).

August 5
6:51pm (PST) - The Phillies won 7-0 (Happ tossed 8 innings of 4 hit ball and even had a double that had the crowd going crazy!), which gave Chuck 2 home team shutouts today! Not only that, the home team has won the last 8 straight games he said. He loved the Philly Phanatic and says that he is one of, if not the best, mascots in the majors... I totally agree, even though I am partial to the Moose lol :)

As for food, he had a cheesesteak and called it, "The single best ball park food." Other places might offer a better selection, but the Philly Cheesesteak is the best single item anywhere. I didn't get to ask him, but I am assuming he is referring to the "Campos" cheesesteaks there in center field. Ironically, I saw Campos on "Road Tasted" with Paula Dean's boys today, and man they did look awesome!!

He's headed back to Baltimore for a flight to Cleveland tomorrow, then on to KC in yet another doubleheader.

3:44pm (PST) - He has made it to Citizens Bank Park with plenty of time to spare... stay away from the Crab Fries man, they aint worth it! :)

1:50pm (PST) - Chuck just called from the Amtrak Station on his way to Philly, having got there in time, he should be in to Philly at 5:55pm (EST), which gives him 1 hour and 10 minutes to make the 25 minute drive with his brother to Citizens Bank Park. As for Citi Field, he felt it was ok... most certainly an improvement over Shea Stadium, but in his opinion a step down from Yankee Stadium. He still ranks it in the top 10, but not as high as AT&T or Busch Stadium. The game he saw was kinda a bummer, as the Mets won going away 9-0! It took 1 hour and 15 minutes for the first 2 innings alone! But it sped up after that and he got out of there in plenty of time as we know.

Worst off, he is now fighting a pretty nasty cold, or so it sounds like on the phone, and he did say that he is sick... and with a couple more doubleheaders coming up too... UGH!

11:02am (PST) - Chuck has made it to Citi Field in Queens for the Cardinals vs Mets game... he has now seen all 30 current MLB Ballparks! CONGRATS CHUCK!

August 4
7:45pm (PST) - Just got a really excited voice mail from Chuck. He said that the game he was at at Nationals Park was awesome and between that and the 25K+ that was there the overall experience was great and that he's going to have to move National's Park up on his overall list now.

He is currently driving towards NJ, where he will meet up with his brother for a doubleheader tomorrow... Citi Field for the Cardinals vs Mets (Lohse vs Niese) in the morning (the last of the current parks he needs to see to have seen them all) and then a train ride to Philly puts him at Citizens Bank Park for the nightcap of the Rockies vs Phillies (Del La Rosa vs Happ). After the doubleheader he drives back to Baltimore to drop off the rental car before hoping a 6:59am flight to Cleveland for an afternoon game, Twins vs Indians (Blackburn vs Carmona), then its a quick ride to the airport for a flight to MCI in Kansas City where he will have less 53 minutes to make it to Kaufman Stadium for the nightcap of the Mariners vs Royals (Vargas vs Chen). The Cleveland/Kansas City doubleheader is the one I personally felt will be his toughest. When he nails it, he's got this thing in the bag baring any PPD's!

1:53pm (PST) - Chuck has made it to our nations capital. Got a quick text saying he got in at 1pm (EST) and had time to check out the town a bit, go see the White House, and then head Nationals Park. I told him he better have a "Chili Half Smoke" for me at Ben's Chili Bowl. It's "Free T-Shirt Tuesday" and he got a free t-shirt for the 4th time on this trip... gotta love free clothes! :) Tonight's game is Marlins vs Nationals (Johnson vs Martin).

August 3
9:00am (PST) - Chuck is at Tropicana Field for the Royals vs Rays game...

August 2
4:22pm (PST) - Got a call from Chuck in the bottom of the 9th, with the game tied at 1-1. As we talked about the ballpark, he told me that Jake Fox jacked a shot to put the Cubs up 2-1 and we figured this game was over. We kept talking about his upcoming schedule, with a 1:30am greyhound ride to Tampa, then it's off to Washington DC for Nationals Park, with 3 doubleheaders in 4 days looming in the not so far off future. As we talked it hit us both that Land Shark stadium is the 1/2 way point for him, he has now officially seen full games in 15 parks in 12 days!!

Shortly after we got off the phone I saw where Gregg gave up back-to-back jacks to Ross (his 2nd of the game) and Uggla to win it in the bottom of the 9th! Whatta finish!... on to Tampa!

August 1
8:54pm (PST) - "AT&T Park is the best ball park anywhere, especially with that scenery. I must have taken 70 picture of the park tonight" is what Chuck told me tonight on the phone, with some really happy Giants fans yelling in the background. He didn't get to spend much time there as this was the fastest game so far on his trip. The game, a 2-0 Giants win in 2 hours and 14 minutes, saw Lincecum get his 12th victory by only giving up 7 hits in 8 innings and striking out 8! He was part of a crowd of 42,694, which included about 300 dogs in the bleachers taking part in the "Dog Days presented by Milk-Bone and Kibbles 'n Bits". They even had a pregame doggie costume competition. That must have been a sight to see!

Tomorrow he jumps on a plane bound for Miami for the Cubs vs Marlins game (Dempster vs Nolasco), where hopefully he will be able to meet up with Bob DeVries, who is also on a Quest to see all 30 this summer and Landshark Stadium is #26 for him. He then heads for Tampa via Greyhound, for the Royals vs Rays and a great pitching match-up of Greinke vs Kazmir at Tropicana Field.

5:00pm (PST) - Chuck has made his way across the bay to AT&T Park...

July 31
7:06pm (PST) - He was looking for blue skies, especially no rain, and he found it in Oakland on the first night of Ricky Henderson weekend. Kinda cool to be there when they salute one of the newest Hall of Fame members.

Oakland Coliseum - "Whatta dump!" Parking cost $17, which was twice the price of his ticket! The Blue Jays are in town to play the A's (Richmond vs Braden), so he even got to hear the Canadian National Anthem tonight.

Interesting morning for Chuck, as he sat on the plane, on the tarmac in Chicago at O'Hare for 2 1/2 hours waiting to take off for SFO! Because of that he barely had time to make it to the Oakland airport to pick up his girlfriend and get to the ballpark by 5:30pm (PST). Had he opted for a little more rest and taken the 12:00 pm (CST) flight outta Chicago, he would have missed this game because of the delays! "Always take the first available flight!" he says, which makes perfect sense, especially after this.

Tomorrow he just has to cross the bridge into San Francisco for the Phillies vs Giants (Blanton vs Lincecum). He missed seeing Cliff Lee's Phillies debut by 1 game, but he does get to see the wonder kid, 11-3 Tim Lincecum.

Sunday he hops a non-stop flight to Miami for the Marlins vs Cubs game at 5:05pm (EST) (Dempster vs Nolasco).

July 30
5:20pm (PST) - Chuck's flight actually made it to O'Hare on the north side of Chicago about 20 minutes early, however they didn't have a gate ready so there they sat! Once he deplaned, grabbed a cab and told the driver he needed to get to U.S. Cellular before game time, the cabbie laughed. He finally got close to the park, thanks to some great driving by someone that obviously knows the streets of Chicago well, and got out of the cab at 35th street and start his run in (with duffel bag and briefcase in hand) towards the gate. As he was running, he could hear the National Anthem being performed. After a quick deal with a guy at the gate to let him in to a section he shouldn't have been in, he got in to get his picture at 7:09pm, just 2 minutes before the scheduled 1st pitch!! However, as he saw the field he saw it covered by a tarp still and found out the game has been delayed about 20 minutes, so he was good to go! What is it with all this rain lately??

In the morning it's back to O'Hare for a flight to San Francisco, then it a short drive to Oakland for the game tomorrow night and San Fran on Saturday with a flight to Miami looming on Sunday.

12:20pm (PST) - Rain, Rain go away! And stay the heck away! Got a message from Chuck and about 1 hour into the game today at Great American Ballpark, Padres vs Reds (Stauffer vs Cueto), it started raining cats & dogs! He said he was actually very surprised that they didn't call the game, but they got through it as it cleared up in the 8th inning. That game is just now in the bottom of the 9th with a score of 7-1 Padres, with the park almost cleared out, which works great for Chuck with less traffic to deal with plus he has a great parking spot for a quick getaway. His flight from Cincy to Chicago is at 5:54pm (EST), so he should have plenty of time to make that flight as the game should be over any minute now.

Last night he was in St. Louis at Busch Stadium and saw a 15 inning, 4 hour and 53 minute, marathon that ended when Pujols singled in the winning run off Jeff Weaver (former Cardinal no less). Needless to say, on the drive to Cincy this morning he was using all of the tricks he could think of to stay awake.

12:34pm (PST) - Game is over in Cincy, 7-4 Padres, after the Reds put 3 on the board in the bottom of the 9th... too little, too late... and he is off on his way to the airport, bound for Chicago and the Yankees vs White Sox (Pettitte vs Colon).

July 29
4:05pm (PST) - Got the following picture from Chuck, looks like he has made it to Busch Stadium and best of all... look at the blue skies!! :)

9:40am (PST) - Just got a message from Chuck, he is on I-70 heading towards Indy on his way to St. Louis after having flown into Dayton. No surprise to him, as things have gone, he is getting rained on! That rain seems to follow him wherever he goes! A look at says 78 degrees with a 10% chance of precip at game time, then again it said that in Baltimore also and there were t-storms right up til game time! (Side note: the irony of this rain for him is that here in Western Washington and up in Vancouver, his home town, its been freakin' hot lately! It was 104 here in Olympia yesterday!)

So, Dodgers vs the Cardinals tonight at Busch Stadium (Kershaw vs Pineiro) then it's an all night drive to Cincy for the Padres vs Reds (Stauffer vs Cueto) before hopping a flight bound for Milwaukee, which has a stop in Chicago where he will walk off the plane and use a sedan service to get to U.S. Cellular in time for the Yankees vs White Sox (Pettitte vs Colon) game. He mentioned how, since he will have time, he is gonna map out the drive from Great American Ball Park to airport and drive it a few times, just to make sure he has it down and knows alt routes if needed. When he makes the doubleheader tomorrow, that means the worst he could do is tie the record set by Josh Robbins at 30/26... barring any PPD's!

Here are a few more pix:

July 27
9:15pm (PST) - Just talked to Chuck as he is in the great state of Texas. He made the game in Arlington, a 5-2 Rangers win vs the Tigers, and is now on his drive back to Houston where he will catch a flight to Baltimore for Camden Yards and the Royals vs the Orioles tomorrow night.

He sounds like he is really having fun. Last night he stayed in Oklahoma, though he was already in Texas, just so he can say that he has been to the state of Oklahoma... so he is knocking off states, as well as ballparks!!

The rain has been following him around though, first it was in the Bronx, then Denver and as he made his drive towards Arlington he was listening to the weather on XM radio and told me from the sounds of it, he honestly thought they were going to call this game before it even got started. Then the clouds parted just long enough to get the game in, with it actually starting to rain in about the 8th inning (I was watching on MLBEI and couldn't believe he was getting rained on again!). As we were talking he said it was starting to storm pretty good and due to the lightning we were actually losing cell service. It don't storm anywhere like it does down south!

He has had a few problems though, not just missing his flight in Pittsburgh due to a terrible sedan service and lots of traffic, but he has been double charged by rental car companies which have really made things hard on the bottom line as well. The way he is doing this trip he will be using several different rentals, so to be 2x charged for even a couple of them is a nightmare. Worst part is that he is 3,000 miles from home so it's not like he can just sit down and call the bank and rental company and say "HEY!" On his time schedule finding time, or the place, to use the internet is tough as well. He told me last night that he has even taken a few moments as he drove down the road to stop at a Best Western and feed off their free internet for a few minutes before hitting the road again... clever if I do say so myself :)

Oriole Park at Camden Yards tomorrow - Royals vs Orioles (Bannister vs Berken) - a look at shows 86 degrees, partly cloudy only a 10% chance of rain at game time... should be no problem getting this one in.

July 26
10:44am (PST) - Chuck is at Minute Maid Park in Houston seeing the Mets vs Astros (Hernandez vs Moehler). He was excited to find a parking spot for $3, instead of the usual $18, so he treated himself to some "Gourmet" food at McDonald's... gotta love life on the road! He had a great 45 minute interview with CKNW Sports talk 980am, a station from his hometown in Vancouver on Saturday night.

Yesterday he was in Denver for the Giants vs Rockies (Sanchez vs De Le Rosa), which was a 8-2 Rockies win. He did get rained on though and at one point in the 4th it looked like they were gonna have to bring the tarp out, but they got through it and he got another game in.

He heads to Oklahoma tonight, staying the night in Ardmore, then it's on to Arlington for the Tigers vs Rangers (Galarraga vs Hunter) at Rangers Ballpark!

He's now seen 7 games in 7 parks in 5 days!!

Here are a few pix from the trip so far...

July 24
5:10pm (PST) - Talking to Chuck right now, he made it to Milwaukee, just 3 minutes before first pitch... had actually sent me a video clip of him there just as the first pitch was being thrown. Was a crazy one coming up from Wrigley for this one, but he made it and sounds really excited about it. Said that Miller Park is packed tonight and the crowd is really loud, which I could hear over the phone!! He's gonna enjoy this game, Braves vs Brewers, then it's on to Coors Field in Denver for tomorrow night.

5:36am (PST) - Just got a message from Chuck, he is in Milwaukee about to pick up his rental car and head down to Chicago. Sounds like he has a good game plan on where to park to be able to get out of there fast after the game and beat the traffic on his way back to Milwaukee for the nightcap.

As for Yankee Stadium, he said, "It ROCKED! It's my new # 1 ballpark now!"

July 23
The only update I got is that he has made both games, was expecting a call but it was really late after the Yankees game. I had been keeping an eye on the game in the Bronx last night leading up to game time because it was raining. Ironically I had told him Wednesday that I missed my game there cause of rain and I was worried I might have jinxed him. I did get a text message last night at 7:39pm (PST) that read "I am so lucky game didn't start until 9:40pm, arrived at 7:45pm with flight delay". Since they got that game in, a 6-3 Yankees win (their 7th in a row), sometimes a little rain can be a good thing.

It's on to Chicago for the Red vs Cubs at 1:20pm (Harang vs Wells) and then to Milwaukee for Braves vs Brewers at 7:05pm (Vazquez vs Parra) on Friday.

July 22, 2009
3:40pm (PST) - Just talked to Chuck and he let me know that due to a bad car service, combined with a ton of school buses picking up kids on field trips at the game at PNC, he missed his flight from Pittsburgh to Detroit, so it's now a 30 in 24 attempt! He knew going in that this would probably be the toughest doubleheader of the trip (of the 7 of them he will be doing), so far it looks like he was right. So now what? Well, he will be catching a Greyhound bus to Toronto in about 2 hours, which will get him in up there around 9am and with a 12:37pm game tomorrow afternoon, he should have plenty of time to make it for the Indians vs Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre as the bus station is only about 1/2 mile from the park. As for the game in Detroit, it gets pushed back to the last game of the Quest, August 14th vs the Royals, where he will be coming in via Boston.

Btw, the game Chuck caught in Pittsburgh was exciting. I had been keeping an eye on it and when I noticed it was 7-7 going into the bottom of the 9th I texted him about it and as I went to look and see what was going on, I noticed Brandon Moss hit a 3-1 pitch to deep CF for a game-winning HR and just then my phone beeped with a message "Game Over". He had been standing by the gate, ready to go, watching the end of the game.. little did he know that the game wouldn't be the problem, it would be the traffic. I guess that's why he has back-up plans... on to Toronto! :)

P.S.. the game he missed in Detroit was the Tigers vs Mariners, with "King" Felix Hernandez on the hill for the M's... BUMMER!

July 21, 2009
I have been emailing back and forth with Chuck for a while now and he asked me if I would keep everyone up-to-date about his World Record attempt of seeing a game (complete games) at all 30 Major League Baseball Ballparks in 23 days. He starts his record attempt tomorrow, July 22nd, in Pittsburgh and he will be calling me daily to let me know how it is going so I can keep everyone apprised of where he is and how things are going. He is in Kansas City tonight for a game, but it's not going to count for his record attempt unless things go badly and he has to go back make the trip retroactive to this game. Hopefully that wont happen though.

Should be fun. As soon as he calls me I will be posting things right here!!


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Comment by Miguel Rodriguez on August 4, 2009 at 5:48am
My Dude, keep plugging away....
The end will be here before you know it.
Just get your rest and everything will work out.
Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on July 31, 2009 at 1:18am
Actually, I have multiple ushers and fellow eyewitnesses at the game sign a log book which states I was there from first to last pitch, and will be submitted to 'GWR.' plus I have taken video evidence of each with two hand held digital cameras. 1st and last pitch including myself in these video's, this means cleans scoreboard and the final scoreboard at the end. Once I am at home and can upload all these photos there will be all of those safeguards. Plus I have saved all visa receipts, boarding passes. hotel, car rentals recpts, gas station etc... Also I have made purchases on my credit card in each gift store, at each game, that would prove documentation as well of being there in the flesh. Most of them before the 1st pitch.. A shout out to Ken follows after that with a phone call or picture of something like a tarp during a rain delay, or pic such as two teams facing each other on that day. I even take pictures when they post stats on the scoreboard that would tell anyone what game was attended if they did a little research. It is much like a court case, and so far I have an ironclad proof. I do have family members and friend beginining to join me on the trip too. Again, there is no part about flying that is relaxing at all. I had my whole family join me for various stretches last year so there was not as much need. I have also driven to each one of the cities before hand in previous years of 2005,2006,2007,2008. Also I have been in 41 out of the 50 states with an eye with all of the fifty. And i have still driven almost 2000 miles already on this trip with about another 2-3k more to come. Last year I drove 10000 miles.
Comment by Thirty26(42) on July 30, 2009 at 10:47pm
Nice stories so far but it's too bad you're doing this by yourself. There's no one around to properly document your journey and share the memories with you. Also, I would like to see you drive a little bit more on this trip. The best part about road trips is actually experiencing the road and not sitting back relaxing on a plane. Good work and good luck!
Comment by Jack (6) on July 23, 2009 at 11:53pm
What an adventure this will be. Any update on today's game Ken?
Comment by Craig (17) on July 21, 2009 at 10:00pm
That is great...thanks for doing this Ken!


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