So every trip I do is booked around the MLB schedule (this annoys my wife, but are you kidding me? Of course I am going to consult the schedules). However, a trip I will be doing in July, well, I don't wanna call it a "Wasted Trip", but it sure is a big ole bummer. See, my nephew Sean is getting married to his amazing fiance Nicole on July 23rd in Mystic, CT. My brothers kids are as close as I will ever come to having kids, so when Sean called me to tell me he was getting married and asked me to be there, I of course told him I would be, wouldn't miss it! Let me also say that Nicole is a big Red Sox fan, just another reason to love her. Yet, when they chose the 23rd for their wedding... not a single MLB schedule was consulted! ;) I mean seriously, think about it. 1st, the Red Sox are not in Boston that weekend, yet Mystic is only 90 mins away. No, the Sox are on the road in... SEATTLE!!!! That's only 60 mins away from home for me... yet I will be in Mystic, several thousands of miles away! UGH! ;) Not only are the Sox in Seattle, they are here for a 4 game set! 4 GAMES!! 2nd, of the possible 6 stadiums (teams) I could catch a game at, I can only see a most 2, cause everyone else is on the road as well for the time we'll be back there! At that I would have to go back East a day early to catch an Orioles game to make it 2. The other one is Yankee Stadium... yeah, no question there. I do have a shot at a Nat's game the next week, but there's a good chance that wont happen.

SO... holy cow! Who in their right minds doesn't consult the official MLB schedule before planning anything these days, ya know??? lol :)

Man whatta bummer... flying clear across country for 1, maybe 2, possibly 3 games at best. That sucks! Then again, I guess I am flying back there for my nephews wedding, not the games, huh?


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Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on March 9, 2010 at 1:33pm
I have never really thought much about planning trips to MiLB parks and I guess the main reason is that if I seriously suggested that, my wife would shoot me! :) Now, if I am flying solo, that's something I will do and have thought about more since Meg suggested it for my CA trip in August :)

As for Coney Island... never been there, but I do hear Nathan's calling my name. After all, they are the greatest hot dogs anywhere! :)
Comment by Doug Miller (30) on March 8, 2010 at 6:41pm
Comment by Doug Miller (30) on March 8, 2010 at 6:38pm
I'm on the same page as Meg, I was thinking Cyclones and Pawtucket. I'm surprised you hadn't already jumped on the idea of hitting Coney Island! I tried to talk my wife into that when we were in New York in 2008, but I was already set for 3 games that trip so I took what I could get (and liked it -- ha-ha). I've been digging hitting the Minors during the trips as I can. I'm already pushing for 3 MiLB parks in addition to the 3 MLB I'm doing at the end of April.
Comment by meg minard (30/44/205) on March 8, 2010 at 6:07pm
Ken - Remember the minor leagues. You've got the New Britian RockCats who look to be home on or about the 23rd; the Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA of the Red Sox) - they are not home on the 23rd weekend but are playing a game on the 22nd at home. You've got the Independent League Bridgeport Bluefish that are home that weekend. And you've got the Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones both with home games that weekend. You've got options of seeing other ballgames. Enjoy the wedding and the trip!
Comment by Craig (17) on March 8, 2010 at 2:51pm
ha ha...that is a real bummer Ken! I always hate it when I have to travel anywhere in the off-season when there is no chance at seeing a baseball game!


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