If traveling from out of town there are many ways to end up at Yankee Stadium. Remember to bargain for best price buy using and click on the nearby airports feature. Any one of these 3 airports listed above may take you to a ballgame.
I prefer to fly into LGA when attending YANKEES or METS games because it is closer. You are a simple bus ride and subway to the game. Traveling time is one hour through this mode of transportation from LGA. Landing in JFK is not a bad option--you have to take the AIR TRAM to the transportation building-then proceed to the light rail-transit deck on the bottom level. The train takes a solid 1hr and 15 minutes to put you in front of Yankee Stadium. From EWR, it is attainable to get to the park even quicker then the others because the 'AMTRAK TRAIN' service from EWR STATION-will place you at NY PENN STATION in about a 30 minute ride. From New York PENN STATION-you have to take any train to the 42nd st station and transfer to the green#4 train.
Automobile rentals in any airport are extremely expensive--especially for the short term--the only tip I can add here is that some cheap flights get you to any of the airports early--and you should check the flights out of town for the cheapest flight out. Using a one-way car rental to rent from any of the 3 airports and return it to another will not cost you very much money---maybe $15--but it is worth it rather than fight traffic and incur more tolls.
Cat rentals can range from $55-90 per day.
The subway transit system is the best way to travel throughout New York City. Tip--if you drive into the city from anywhere else you can park for a cheaper price in the 'FINANCIAL DISTRICT'--better suited for day games but parking will cost you about half the price opposed to outside YANKEE STADIUM. There are many Parkades near 'BATTERY PARK'-STATUE OF LIBERTY--from there you can take the green number 4 train from old city hall all the way to outside NEW YANKEE STADIUM. This is perfect if you are going to the visit 'ELLIS ISLAND' or the site of "GROUND ZERO'. Note if you buy any of the explorer passes for visiting NEW YORK CITY-that all of them are on a first come and first serve basis so I would not advise to plan on sightseeing that much within the same day of a baseball game. A lot of the Tourist tickets are available from 'MADAME TUSSAUD'S WAX MUSEUM'-on 42nd street and 5th ave just past TIMES SQUARE. If you are in New York city for a period of time go there immediately to book tickets for tours of: STATUE OF LIBERTY-ELLIS ISLAND/MSG TOURS/NBC STUDIO TOURS. You must obtain ferry tickets before boarding the boat to the "STATUE OF LIBERTY-ELLIS ISLAND", your pass card does not work at 'BATTERY PARK'. Also arrive there early as the lines become increasingly long and you have to go through "airport like security before boarding the boats". It takes roughly 3 hours to see all.
The wax museum itself is a fun attraction to see with hundreds of wax celebrities including YANKEE greats: BABE RUTH, DEREK JETER, JOE DIMAGGIO, MICKEY MANTLE, LOU GEHRIG AND JACKIE ROBINSON.

GETTING TO YANKEE STADIUM FROM BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON/BOSTON/PHILADELPHIA. It is the best method of transportation on the 'EASTERN SEABOARD.' If you are planning a trip to any of these cities combined with NEW YORK CITY'S two teams-I highly endorse traveling via 'AMTRAK TRAINS'. Prices range from $45-100 based on city to city-and they run all times of the day and night. You will pay that much on a drive from Baltimore to Boston in tolls on the turnpikes and highways. Baltimore to New York will cost you $30 alone. Amtrak is spacious, time-saving and the best feature is the luggage. For that singular traveler this can be a big savings ticket. You can use your tickets for any AMTRAK TRAIN with the same fare as you purchased--you are not tied to a singular ride--also the value of the tickets may be transferred towards another fare by changing at any AMTRAK TICKET STATION. In most of the stations you can check 2 luggage parcels for $3 per item per day, and that Train Stations and pick them up at any time during office hours at each station. This helps those travelers without a vehicle---to store their luggage in during baseball games---and retrieve them later before heading for a hotel or another city.
NEW YORK PENN has this luggage service and it is invaluable. NEW YORK PENN STATION is the gateway to all transportation in NEW YORK STATE AND NEW JERSEY'S LIGHT RAIL SERVICE.

Once you arrive at the ballpark area you will notice a bevy of stores that have YANKEES memorabilia and jersey's. A lot of them are reasonably priced and they have all the legends from RUTH-GEHRIG-MANTLE-MATTINGLY-TEXEIRA-JETER AND RIVIERA. I bought 10 yankee t-shirts for $150. These are quality t-shirts made from 'COOPERSTOWN'. If you are arriving via car--make sure you arrive there early. I found the best route to drive is through NEW JERSEY STATE-over to the MAJOR DEEGAN'S EXPRESSWAY (I-287 SOUTH) once you arrive in New York State, and then drive directly under the street for the subway route--all the way to the parking lots near River Street. Be prepared to pay $30-$60 for parking.

Always one of the tougher tickets in baseball--even worse for larger groups--Yanks tickets sell out extremely fast. Not as big a problem for that singular person who can pick up a bleacher ticket for $25-30 at 'STUBHUB'. Pairs of tickets will be almost double face value--although a strategy here is to wait till a few days before and enter a bid for tickets---or watch the price point come down from the sellers at STUBHUB--sometimes you can get them for under face value this way.. The good news is that the YANKEES actually possess a 'STUBHUB' ticket office nearby to the stadium--that you can receive day of tickets from sellers. If you can't wait for your tickets then exhaust all avenues to look for tickets. Other brokers are:, and are viable options. It is really tough to buy Yankees tickets so don't beat yourself up if you don't receive a good price.

Yankees Stadium has it all--HOT DOGS/NACHOS/SANDWICHES/PIZZA. Beers are about $10 a crack. I have avoided eating there most trips. I prefer TIMES SQUARE--to eat at the ESPN ZONE or any of the NY PENN STATION' deli's. Heck, you can even eat along TIMES SQUARE at any street vendor before a twenty-minute subway ride to the game. For the extreme ballpark chaser looking to save money, there is a MCDONALD'S right outside Yankee Stadium that feature the $1 menu items.

Well I have only stayed at EWR'S BEST WESTERN AIRPORT WEST and CITY VIEW BEST WESTERN in Long Island. Both were under $100. The Long Island Best Western did have one benefit. They offered a free cab ride to and from the subway station outside that you could take the 7 train either into town and transfer to the 4 green northbound----or take the purple 7 train EAST to CITI FIELD. This will save you $40 per round trip easy.
BALLPARK CHASER SPECIAL--is the HI Hostel in New York. in downtown and offered for about $45 a night.

YANKEE STADIUM-allows you to wander freely around the park with just a bleacher ticket--unlike the old YANKEE STADIUM--where it had a separate entrance which I liked anyway--it is a nice thing. They have banner and flags that archive all the history of the franchise--and they moved the monument area over to the new park as well. It looks like the old park just with new modern amenities. It is big, brash and has the pinstripe logo in every corner of the stadium. It truly is the most luxurious stadium ever much like the team--it stands above the rest of the league. The only reason it did not take number one is affordability and value. It is just too much money to watch a game. Like Sinatra says though---if you can make it in New York--you can make it anywhere.


Obviously is a short distance from METS' 'CITI FIELD'-and you can get there either by driving or transit.
You can combine it with PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES-providing one of these teams plays at 1:00pm and the other at 7pm or higher. Note---because of the YANKEES and PHILLS being so popular these days, you may get that 'SUNDAY NIGHT ESPN BASEBALL GAME' from one of these parks to start at 8 pm instead of 7. AMTRAK train is your best option to make 1st and last pitches of both ball parks in that scenarios. Trips from NEW YORK PENN STATION-PHILADELPHIA'S 30TH st STATION run every 45 minutes to an hour--and it only takes 100 minutes to travel station to station. Driving will probably take plus hours. Try and beat the crowd out to the SUBWAY STATION AT E 161ST 1st, and then brave the 20 minute train back to NEW YORK PENN. In PHILLY-there is a cabstand outside the station to take you to 'CBP.
BALTIMORE is only another 75 minutes down south and if you don't mind arriving an inning or two late it is possible.' BWI STATION is a 15 minute cab ride from CAMDEN.
You could attempt a FENWAY PARK double header but you would be lucky to catch 5 innings. Their is just too much traffic getting in and out of both cities. Flying to Boston for about $100 is possible from LGA if you want to leave YANKEE STADIUM early.
Those Sunday night late start times can bring WASHINGTON in for a doubleheader too. It is better for a NATS/METS SUNDAY night attempt though. YANKEE Stadium is a good 45 minute commute-while CITI FIELD is about 15 minutes.
CLEVELAND is also possible if they play a day game--since they start at 12pm in their day games you could catch a 430 flight to New York and arrive to see a partial game at least. This is an expensive proposition though.

Everyone was happy to be rid of SHEA STADIUM IN 2009!!!

Much like Yankee Stadium-the subway is the best way to arrive at CITI FIELD. The 7 route train may not be so scenic--marred buildings with massive graffiti-but the convenience is nice. From Times Square to the ballpark is under an hour. if you stay at the BEST WESTERN CITY VIEW INN at LONG ISLAND then you could take a cab for about $15-or take advantage of their free cab to the nearest subway station.
LGA is a mere 3 miles away from the ballpark. Note----if you take a cab to the ballpark it will cost you a minimum of $35 for a cab after the night games--a lot of the driver's come from the airport and will not leave until they receive at least that much money. Also it can be about as hard to hail a cab during this time frame as well. So make sure you have your transit game plan beforehand. You can book sedan car services for one way trips within city limits of New York for about $49 plus taxes for groups that are larger--this may an option for you. Look at This can be a great tool in several different cities. With parking what it is sometimes it is cheaper to take sedan service.
LGA is a funny airport, It is located completely in a suburban area--the car rental facilities are all off off-site and require a quick shuttle. Give yourself extra time and a full stomach on that airport--particularly for early morning flights. The security lines are long and cramped much like the gates. The airport itself takes on the most amount of travelers per year in the USA. 'LGA' is a strong HUB for 'AIRTRAN AIRLINES'-one of the best airlines in AMERICA and known highly for non-stop early morning flights out of New York to: Milwaukee, Atlanta, Denver and Minnesota. You can watch a day game in these cities by catching an early morning flight.
JFK is good for arriving non-stop flighs from the WEST COAST cities like SF/DEN/SEA/LAS VEGAS/HOUSTON AND DALLAS-JFK is a HUB for: DELTA AIRLINES AND AMERICAN AIRLINES. The car rental facility is is a 'TRAM RIDE' away. They have a big long-term parking lot at JFK-for reasonable rates and is a good idea to park your car there if you have more games to see on the EASTERN SEABOARD-after flying back to New York. Note--there are many charter buses that leave downtown New York for either JFK or LGA-that cost about $13.
EWR is about a 60 minute drive away from CITI FIELD. The airport features a lot of CONTINENTAL AIRLINES AND US AIRWAYS flights from abroad. I would not recommend EWR highly as an airport to fly into but if it provides a cheaper price on fares I am for that.

Thank god for a new ballpark with new amenities--and a lot more concessions-Shea was absolutely abysmal, you could spend up to 30 minutes in line for food. CITI FIELD of course features 'NATHAN'S HOT DOGS'-famous from 'CONEY ISLAND' these dogs are top notch--the best in the Majors in my opinion.

Again there are cheap alternatives in the upper deck--season ticket holders like to sell their tickets on 'STUBHUB' for about facc value.
You can walk around the stadium with the lowest ticket much like Yankee Stadium.

The park sight lines are immaculate from every seat and viewpoint in the stadium. I was really impressed with the way they created CITI FIELD with the exception of the deep-right alley, that was a bad idea. The scoreboard is a monster--and easily viewed. The background is much more scenic then Shea Stadium was. With the old park being demolished it should help even more.

Much of the same as New York Yankees---except for you get a running start on those night games with the METS playing several games that start at 12:10 pm.
YANKEES driving or subway.
ORIOLES---via flights from LGA
NATS-via flights from LGA
REDSOX--with that 12:10pm start you may have a chance to make those night games at FENWAY on time.
you can even have the option to do the TORONTO/NEW YORK double header when the JAYS play those 12:37 pm day games. I would not attempt the BLUEJAYS/YANKS doubleheader again-but with CITI FIELD being 3 miles away you got a shot when the United flight flies in at 6:30pm after a 5:05 TORONTO departure.

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Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on February 15, 2011 at 8:26pm
Im with you Eric-Citi Field ranked extremely high on visuals and park atmosphere in our ball park rankings.  Shea Stadium was one of the worst 5 stadiums before it closed for good.  The only reason I put the blurb about right field was because of the offense.  It might just be that I have a more American League prospective then N.L because I have followed the Yankees/Blue Jays/Mariners more than any other teams.  I like parks to be fair in hitting homeruns.  The most fair ballparks in the majors are:Busch Stadium, Nats Park, Turner Field, PNC Park, Comerica Park, Angels Stadium and Sun Life Stadium.  I think all of these parks favor neither the hitters or pitchers.  Have I left any other fair ballparks out?
Comment by Eric [27/33] on February 15, 2011 at 4:28pm

Citi's "obstructed view" issues are waaay overblown.  True, the seats in the Prom reserved/IF that get blocked by the stairwells are bad, but there's maybe 200 of those in the whole park.

The spots in "Promenade Reserved" where you miss parts of the OF are "obstructed" because you are much closer to the infield than a multipurpose park like Shea.  What's better, being closer to where 95% of the game is played or seeing the far corner of LF or RF where the ball may go twice a game?

Really, all of these obstructions are in the cheap seats.  Nearly everything in the lower and mid-levels along with Promenade Infield are totally unobstructed.

My tips on Citi (seen around 40 games there already):

- To avoid obstructions, pay the extra $5 and get a Prom Reserved Infield seat rather than a cheaper "Promenade Reserved" seat.  I sit in section 519 regularly and its a perfect view of the game.

- Avoid the high and low numbered seats (1-3 and 28-30) of the first 5 rows of any Promenade section.  These get blocked by the stairway glass.


Really, any other seat has no more obstruction than your typical seat at any park.  Citi is a really great park and a big upgrade from Shea.  The scoreboards are great with every bit of information you could need. The Promenade is much lower and closer to the field than Shea's Upper Deck.  Its clean and family friendly and has (IMO) the best food choices in the league.  The addition of the Mets Hall of Fame in 2010 was a great one.

Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on August 30, 2010 at 9:15am
I saw all 30 games in 24 days for $7500 for all trip cost incurred including plane/flight-travel and food.
Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on August 30, 2010 at 9:10am
Have you written a book on the subject matter Gary?
Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on August 30, 2010 at 9:09am
Gary, with all due respect, a lot of this stuff is done is based on some personal experiences. Yeah, there maybe stuff that makes better sense to do in each city, so great. I didn't profess it as the greatest of all time. Having said that, a lot of people will find a lot of this information useful as 'I AM THE WORLD RECORD HOLDER FOR FASTEST TO SEE ALL 30 HOME GAMES--24 DAYS!
Comment by Gary Herman on August 30, 2010 at 7:11am

I just read the part about going from Newark to Penn Station by Amtrak. NJ Transit is a cheaper alternative. In addition, once you arrive at Penn Station to get to Yankee Stadium faster all you have to do is walk one block to 6th Avenue and pick up the D train which also stops at Yankee Stadium. Furthermore, just so you know the last stop going towards Manhattan and Brooklyn is Coney Island where the Brooklyn Cyclones play and the home of the Original Nathan's Hot Dogs which are like you said the best in the majors. Hey we finally agree on something LOL.

As far as doing doubleheaders such as Mets/Phillies and/or Yankees/Phillies, Royalty is the best way to go. I rent cars near my house for a very reasonable rate per day. Then I take some friends and we split the cost. They usually even pay my way for doing all the driving and all the leg work. They just go for the ride. I thrive on cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Once again, I'm only trying to be helpful. If you get this published the way it is, it will be an embarrassment.

You have to get your facts right first. I'm a great planner and analyzer. I do extensive research before I make a statement.

I do hope to see you and Craig this weekend when I'm in the Northwest.

I'm trying to run my own sports travel business too.


Yours truly,

Gary Herman
Comment by Gary Herman on August 29, 2010 at 7:53pm

The sightlines are the worst of any new park. Most of the seats are obstructed or "blind spots" as the Mets like to call them. Face the facts, it's a "lemon". The scoreboard is awful and it's very far away. This park is pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside. This is no concourse space. The elevators are so small and they never run in a timely fashion.

One of the only things I like about this dump is the dimensions especially in right centerfield. If the management knew how to build the team to fit the ballpark they build they may be able to compete for the division title someday.

If I had the time, I would write a book about all 4 major sports.

I think you need to consult me before you get this book published. I'm a veteran of the road and all the venues across the country. I saw the Mets play in Japan too.

I have standards and integrity.

If you want to learn fast, please feel free to talk to me.

I was just glancing over these rankings. I'm beside myself.

I hope you will contact me.

Once again, I'm not trying to hurt you or the other ballpark chasers but you're killing me. I'm dead serious.

Please value my constructive criticism.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman
Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on June 29, 2010 at 11:22am
No, I had 4 people mark it as their top stadium---LOL-top 30--it should be in the top 10 for sure. I know that I am a Yankees fan--but I had it as #2. It went something like 1-1-1-1-2-8-10-7-6(25) cough--cough---i had to take that one of the division--but I can re-do it when you get back. a few historic stadiums are right behind it.
Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on June 29, 2010 at 10:58am
Yankee Stadium # 2? I agree, it IS #2... but not ranked Second! ;) I am pretty sure that's your Yankee-Bias coming through. I am looking forward to going back on July 25th, at which time I am sure it will rise on my Top 30 as well... but I can't see it going that high unless something really amazing happens!


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