I'm sure many of you when on your baseball journeys probably take the time to do some activities not necessarily related to baseball.  And on this day when we celebrate Dr. King's birthday, if you should ever make a trip to Atlanta to catch a Braves game, you may want to make it a point, especially if traveling with your family, to stop by the Auburn neighborhood, which is where Dr. King was born and raised.  There you will see the house he grew up in, as well as the historic Ebeneezer Baptist Church and a current version across the street from it's original location.  The original location is still in use for visitors to stroll inside and pay tribute , as well as to listen to audio clips of his famous " I Have a Dream " speech  .  The original church also holds mass once a year, if I recall, it's the day of his birthday.  Otherwise, church service is held across the street in it's current location.  Aside from it's historical and educational purposes, it would be worthwhile for you to stop by and pay your respects to this great American. 


As for my trip to Atlanta, here is a link from another blog I have that covers my trip back in 2007 with pics from both Turner Field and the Auburn neighborhood



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Comment by Craig (17) on January 18, 2011 at 3:21pm
Well said, Andrei...thanks for posting this! I am looking forward to seeing Turner Field one day and visiting the MLK historical sites.


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