Before I start, here's a link from CNN that you college football fans may find interesting....

Allright, in my last post, I covered the NFL venues I had the chance to visit. Now, the college venues, all in the Pac-10 ( Soon to be Pac-12 )

1. Rose Bowl ( Home Stadium, UCLA Bruins )

One of the more scenic venues to watch a football game with the San Gabriel Mountains serving as the backdrop. The surrounding makes up most of the pre-game tailgate scene. No seat is obstructed and in spite of it's bowl shape, no seat is to far from the action. Becuase of it's bowl shape, noise tends to fade. Rose Bowl is close to Old Town Pasadena if you're looking for a place to hang out before or after the game.

2. L.A. Coliseum ( USC Trojans )

Ugh, the other school. All feelings aside, ( or trying to ), the Coliseum has a lot of history behind it. It was also the first home to the Dodgers upon their move here from Brooklyn before taking up permanent residency at Dodger Stadium. It is best to get seats between the goal lines for their end zone seats ( Where visiting fans are always put ) are a long, and I mean, a long distance from the action.

3. Memorial Coliseum ( Cal Bears )

An old time venue with an old-school feel. It will be out of commission for the 2011 season for renovations. Came here for the UCLA-Cal game in '06, and the Bay Area's distaste for L.A. is not just limited towards our Boys in Blue. As for the fight song, UCLA did NOT steal Cal's fight song.....

4. Husky Stadium ( Washington Huskies 0

Another stadium due for a renovation. One of the more picturesque place to watch a football game. It would also be the first venue I would see a game played on Astroturf back in 1998. Two season's later, they would switch to something new, you know, the " I can't believe it's not grass surface ", called, fieldturf. From the west endzone you get that nice view of Lake Washington . With the renovation coming up hopefully those endzone seats will be closer to the action. Husky fans, like Mariners fans, are some of the most polite fans in the nation.

So there are my college football venues I've had the chance to take in a game. It is my hope that some day I will make it to The Big House, or visit TouchDown Jesus, or even witness 100,000 orange clad fans singing all 500 verses of Rocky Top. So, how does your list stack up ?

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Comment by Dre Diaz on November 29, 2010 at 4:28pm
I went to Husky Stadium in Seattle back in 1998 and 2000, really nice atmosphere, I really liked Husky Stadium.
Comment by Craig (17) on November 24, 2010 at 4:57pm
Hey Andrei! Have you seen all 5 of those stadiums? Which was your favorite?


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