I've only been to 24 of the current ballparks, but I have also been to five other parks no longer in service.  Here's an attempt to rank them.  The top 3 are the best, ranks 4-20 are relatively  interchangeable. 21-24 are rather dreadful.


1 - PNC Park - If there's a perfect park, this is it

2 - Oriole Park at Camden Yards - CLASSIC. Seems like it has been there for 50 years, but still new

3 - AT&T Park - Incredible setting

4 - Fenway Park - the recent renovations are terrific

5 - Citi Field - Biased Mets fan, but I love the place.  Best exterior in MLB, just need a better team.

6 - Dodger Stadium - I love the classics

7 - Wrigley Field - ditto Dodger

8 - Petco Park - Great city, nice design

9 - Citizens Bank Park - Well done ballpark.  I'd go more if the Mets/Phils rivalry were more competitive

10 - Safeco Field - Great location in a really nice city

11 - Comerica Park - Underrated, love the statues.

12 - Yankee Stadium (new) - More functional than the old Stadium, but lacks the charm. Frieze great.

13 - Angel Stadium - Best of the 60's multipurpose parks. "V" shape and SOCal weather made it last.

14 - Miller Park - The dome takes away from it a bit. Is it necessary?

15 - Great American Ball Park - Cool view of river and Kentucky

16 - Progressive Field - 3 of 4 games I've been to have been in terrible seats, nice park though.

17 - Nationals Park - Concrete/metal look seems cold.  Upper deck seems unusually high.

18 - US Cellular Field - Went there mid-renovation in 05.  Seems like a nicer park now.

19 - Turner Field - Sort of bland.  Not bad though. 

20 - Chase Field - Only went on a tour, tough to judge

21 - Rogers Centre - If it had grass it would be a decent park

22 - Tropicana Field - Dank awful place for baseball.  Tampa/St. Pete deserves better.

23 - Oakland Coliseum - At least it has grass

24 - Sun Life Stadium - just a football stadium


Out of service:

1 - Yankee Stadium - Classic park even in its post-1976 renovated form.

2 - Shea Stadium - I went to over 250 games there including my first in 1984

3 - RFK Stadium - Grass field, not much else to say...

4 - Veterans Stadium - Concrete monstrosity.  Saw 1996 ASG there though.

5 - Olympic Stadium - By far, the worst park I've ever seen a game at.  The football stadiums were better.


Getting to Minute Maid Park, and Rangers Ballpark in April.  Possibly Target Field later in the year.

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Comment by Chuck Booth (35) ALL 30/23 DAYS! on March 1, 2011 at 7:36pm
Good Rankings Eric, Oriole Park at Camden is an awesome park I just wish the fans would visit more often.  Your right about 15-18 stadiums  not having much difference between them.  the  bottom 3 is easy with oak, fla, and tpa.
Comment by Tim on February 19, 2011 at 9:06am

Interesting rankings.  In my book Oriole Park Ranks #1 (because I have not been to PNC Park yet).


Here are mine (and I put in the defunct stadiums too in there)


1.  Oriole Park-Classic (you're right)

2.  Comerica Park-Underrated and a real gem.

3.  Progressive Field-Very clean and a nice place to watch a game.

4.  Great American Ballpark-Different from the normal new stadiums and it is fine.  Has a "machiney" feel to honor the Big Red Machine.

5.  Rangers Ballpark in Arlington-A true baseball palace.

6.  Turner Field-Typical generic "modern stadium;" nothing great but nothing bad

7.  Tiger Stadium-Built for baseball

8.  Minute Maid Park-Subpar seats, subpar food, subpar stadium

9.  Tropicana Field-Cramped but serviceable

10.  Dolphin/SunLife Stadium-Take out the top deck as a whole and add some teal seats instead and you have a nice ballpark if it wasn't for the fans.

11.  Shea Stadium-Underrated; only complaint I had was it was out of date.

12.  RFK-Stadium-Saddle shaped cookie cutter.

13.  Metrodome-Not a good place to watch a game

14.  Yankee Stadium-Besides the historical feel to it, it was a glorified cookie cutter

15.  Fulton County Stadium-Bad seats, bad food, bad park


Interesting views and a good take from a different perspective. 


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