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It's difficult to explain how a new stadium that cost $1,500,000,000 could still have obstructed view seating.

It was only discovered after the fact that the new Yankee Stadium has a major design flaw. The Mohegan Sun Sports Bar that takes up the batter's eye in center field is a rectangular building placed smack in the outfield bleachers. As a result, people sitting in the wrong parts of Sections 201 and 239 may have of a portion of the field blocked from view by a bar for people who pay more because they can. The blocked portion of the field can be pretty large...up to a third of the action.

In response to this, the Yankees leapt into action. Certain seats were determined to be "possible obstructed view" and the prices of such seats were lowered to $5. On top of that the Yankees mounted hi-def TVs on the sides of the Mohegan Sun, so that any action taking place in the blocked portion of the field can be seen. Heck, I'll pay $5 to watch a game on a hi-def TV near Yankee Stadium.

But even at this, it isn't much fun to be at a game and not be able to see most of left or right field. But if you know how the seating is arranged, you can score a cheap seat without much of a limited view at all.

There are 24 rows in both sections 201 and 239, the higher the row the worse the visibility. Similarly, the closer to the Mohegan Sun you are, the worse your view. Here is a key bit of knowledge: in Section 201, the low-numbered seats are closer to the Mohegan, while in Section 239 it's the high-numbered seats. I don't know how many seats are in a section, but knowing this should help greatly. In seat 1 in row 15 or below of Section 239, or at least in that general area, you should not only be able to see most everything just fine, you'll be able to afford a Lobel's steak sandwich with the money you've saved buying a bargain basement seat.

I was looking at tickets for the May 5 game against Baltimore on StubHub, and saw a ticket in row 2 of Section 201 listed for $4 (keep in mind that you'll still pay Stubhub's fee, which is usually around $5). Even though it says "possible obstructed view" (which in most parks should be avoided at all costs), in row 2 it can't possibly be that bad. Granted, it's a weekday game against the "once proud" Orioles, but it's still likely you can get a great deal on a bleacher seat if you know what you're doing.

I'm not a bleacher seats type--not because I want to avoid overly raucous fans, but because I don't like not having a panoramic view of the entire park, scoreboard and all. But if you just want a cheap seat and don't mind the bleachers, or you want to be in long home run territory, or you just want to get into the place, this is an absolute steal.

Especially in New York City.

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