This past Friday night I completed the 28th ballpark this season at Fenway. I only have 2 more to go which are Toronto and Citifield which I will get to in a few weeks. Unlike the amazing feat that Chuck Booth and the 30/30 guys did this summer - I decided to take all summer to complete my Quest of seeing all 30 in 1 season. The goal was to be complete by Labor Day so that if I had any rainouts along the way I had the whole month of September to work my back to that city and catch a game. To date I haven't even encountered a rain delay.

The journey started on opening night in Philly - the only way a Quest like this should start I figured. Since I had been working in Tucson for a few months I took advantage of the being on the west coast and made a mini goal of getting to all the parks west of the Mississippi by the end of May which I was able to accomplish when I got to the Rangers Ballpark on May 31th.

One of the many highlights to the Quest was meeting Joey, Pedro and Travis - the 30/30 guys - in Houston on May 7th and then again in Phoenix on May 11th. While talking we all agreed that our journey had become more then just seeing the ballparks, it had become about meeting people, sharing stories and literally making friends all over the country. One of those friends is a ballpark chaser himself, Ken Lee, who finished his own Quest this past summer of seeing all 30. I thought I was passionate about baseball but my passion pales in comparison to Ken's. As I get to ballparks along the way, Ken will send me a text with hints about various things I should see, do or eat at the ballparks. It has been great having Ken "along" for the ride.

Since I am a Boston area resident my story actually caught some local media attention and I was interviewed this past Friday at Fenway by the local CBS and Fox affiliates. Both Ron Sanders of WBZ Channel 4 and Adam Pellerin of Fox News 25 did an excellent job capturing the story behind my motivation of the Quest and had some pictures accompaning the story of my wife, Shawn Marie. Fox even had a photo of our dog Jeter as part of the report.

The website for my Quest is The links for the TV interviews are there if you care to take a peak at them.

Finally thanks to Craig for developing this great website. I know just keeping my own little site is time consuming - so this site could be close to a full time job.

If anyone plans on being at Citifield on Sept. 6th, please drop me a note. We will be tailgating quite early that day and would love to have fellow Chasers join us for a beer or 3.

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Comment by Jack (6) on September 3, 2009 at 11:20pm
Just read this post- congrats to you Bob!
Comment by Craig (17) on August 26, 2009 at 12:36am
Thanks for the update, Bob! Glad to hear your summer is going well.

Unreal- I might be at the Sept. 6th game in Citi Field! I fly in that morning and am either going to that game or the 8th. I will let you know as it gets closer!
Comment by Chris Krukewitt (24/132) on August 25, 2009 at 8:45pm
Thanks for your write-up! Congrats!


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