You have options from several different ways. If you are flying into to ‘BWI’, make sure you give yourself ample time to drive anywhere.
BWI is a strong hub for both SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AND AIRTRAN AIRLINES. The prices are very convenient with both carriers and many early morning non-stop flights are available for under a hundred dollars-particularly anywhere in the EASTERN SEABOARD CITIES or the STATE OF FLORIDA.
If you are driving, not only is Maryland, adjacent Virginia and DC filled with high volume on the main highway-----but the ‘BWI TRANSPORTATION CENTER’ is a good 3-5 mile shuttle bus from the airport as well. If you are coming from Washington it is the doomed highway that connects the ‘BELTWAY TRAFFIC.’ Unless you have to drive a car-public transport is a more viable option. Coming from the EAST states of NJ and DEL will cost you about $17 in tolls once you enter the NJ Turnpike. If you are coming from the STATE of WV it is not as taxing in the pocketbook and the drive is easier.
It depends where you are staying but light rail from the airport all the way to downtown BALTIMORE is time effective at 20-25 minutes—along with cost effective.
Another good option is taking ‘AMTRAK TRAIN’ from either EAST OR WEST. There are several trains that run from as SOUTH as Raleigh North Carolina all the way to Boston. In between the main ballpark cities of NYY/PHI/WSH the fares range from $45-60 per traveler or if you wish to take an ‘ACELA EXPRESS TRAIN’ (which acts like a business class travel of TRAIN RIDING) you can pay double of the normal fare for quicker trains that have less frequent stops.
The ‘AMTRAK STATION’ in downtown Baltimore is only a few miles from the ballpark and will cost you about $15 for a cab. This is ideal for that passer through chaser--who might watch a day game in Baltimore--before heading to Washington or New York after words. Much like AMTRAK SERVICE everywhere---there is even baggage check service ofr $3 a parcel to check luggage and pick them up after the game.

I highly recommend using Priceline for bidding on hotels nearest to the BWI airport. You can typically get a $200 a night hotel for about $70-80 BY BIDDING. I personally stayed at the ‘MARRIOT RESIDENCE INN AT BWI AIRPORT’---this is located in nearby Linthicum Maryland. There was a free shuttle bus to and from the airport. I used the free shuttle bus on the way back from the O’s game after using light rail to the airport. I wasn’t sure where exactly the hotel was from one of the light rail stations so this ensured I would be taken back to the hotel safely.

One of the best ballparks for food, the signature place to eat is the 'barbeque row' that is on the ‘EUTAW ST’ side in right center field—close to the warehouse across from the ball yard. The ballpark cooks old style burgers, ribs, hot dogs and many other hot sandwiches with delightful sides of coleslaw, potato wedges or French fries—and the best baked beans I have ever had. These delicatessen style eats are reasonably priced at $12-15 for the lot including a drink. The aroma alone will draw you to the park.

Obviously it was one of the first newer ballparks around built in the Nineties. The unique feeling of the ballpark players of yesteryear prominently displayed resembles a once proud franchise. I certainly enjoyed walking over all the homerun balls hit by home and away ballplayers marked all in that same area as the Barbeque pit.


WASHINGTON-if ever there are ever a day-night scenario either way, despite the bumper to bumper traffic on the 95 highway you would be able to make the 2 city doubleheader.

CLEVELAND—When The Indians play that 12:10 pm matinee game you can catch the 4:40 pm United Flight from CLE to arrive at BWI at 5:47 PM with ample time to make it to the game by any transportation method.

PHILADELPHIA-I highly advise that you take the train in between cities in some form to make first and last pitch as the trains run every 20 minutes in rush hour and only take 90 minutes to arrive in Baltimore.

YANKEES/METS-both, you have a chance to see most of the second game should you choose to do New York First and then take the train to Baltimore second. There is an AMTRAK TRAIN that leaves New York Penn at 4:30pm and you get to Baltimore around 7:15 pm or so—with a 15 minute cab ride you are good to go. Another alternative is to catch a 5:30 flight from LGA in order to arrive at BWI AT roughly 7PM and it is only about $70--Ideal for those METS games with 12:00 PM MATINEE’S to complete the doubleheader.

Don’t forget about all those ‘EASTERN SEABOARD’ cities are fully compatible with those ‘SUNDAY NIGHT ESPN GAMES’ for a great part of the game if not a full game because of the 8:05 pm EST start time. CLE/PIT/BOS/NYM/NYY are all on deck for that doubleheader.


The ‘RONALD REAGAN AIRPORT (DCA) offers hourly flights to and from NEW YORK City and Boston with US AIRWAYS and DELTA. The prices are cheap if you can get them on time(within 3 weeks of traveling). The car rental facilities in DCA are a quick shuttle ride to arrive at your given car compoany. It is quite pricey for weekday rentals in Washington but weekends are okay. There is not a big need for a car in Washington but if you can brave the traffic you can see much more of the city by taking a casual drive. The ballpark is only a few miles away. If you are coming from Baltimore you just have to take the 95 hwy S until you merge to the s-S-295

While it is an expensive city, I have one rare nugget for you if you are willing to drive 50 miles south to save some money, there is a ‘BEST WESTERN ’(CENTRAL PLAZA),’ in Fredericksburg, Virginia that has hotel of rates of $50-60 per night which is unbelievable in the area for that price. Better suited for off hours driving like passing through to drive South after a night game in DC on your way to Georgia or Florida.

There are several parking outlets that are reasonably priced—especially if you can walk a few blocks. Routinely the average is around $10


BALTIMORE—Is available for any day night double header opportunity.

CLEVELAND—If they play that 12:10 pm in Cleveland you can pay a hefty sum to fly out of Hopkins at 4:52 to arrive at DCA at 6pm or take that 4:40 pm flight to BWI that arrives at 5:50 and then take the 6:12 PM AMTRAK TRAIN from BWI to Washington Union for 6:44 or the 9 minute later train that leaves at 6:21 and arrives at 6:49. You would have to leave Progressive Field by 3 pm to make it. (READ light rail from downtown Cleveland to airport in Indians Chaser Guide)

PHILADELPHIA-You have a good chance to make that AMTRAK TRAIN that leaves Philly at 4:30 or 4:55 after a day game-And arrives at WASHINGTON UNION STATION at 6:30 or 6:44 with a 10 minute cab ride to the game for first pitch. You would need to race out of Phillies game by the 3 hour limit and hop a cab to the 3oth ST STATION.

METS/YANKEES/REDSOX/PIRATES(A SUNDAY FLIGHT FROM PIT THAT LEAVES AT 5:50 AND ARRIVES 6:56) SUNDAY NIGHT GAME-with flights out of DCA every hour it is definitely possible with the easiest hit being the METS with Citi Field’s close proximity to LGA.

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