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Excerpts from Game 4 of the 1998 World Series (10-21-98)

Rarely does a person have a chance to witness their favorite team capture the World Series championship.

-The gates were jammed at Qualcomm Stadium in beautiful San Diego, California. Fans appeared really enthusiastic despite the Padres trailing in the series 0-3. Josh and Sven met Steve Garvey near…


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Thirty in 26 Success!

The real bulk of the driving was completed before I joined the trip in Baltimore. However, I believe the most difficult days still remained. Going from Philadelphia to DC in between 4pm and 7pm on a Thursday, and going from Chicago to Milwaukee between 4pm and 7pm on a Friday, with an overnight drive in between. Now that was going to be the most difficult stretch. 26 days was the new goal, and we were determined.

We left our hotel near the stadium in Philadelphia and headed… Continue

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This Week in Baseball thought they could get a whole segment out of following us around today. We went to both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium, watching the day game in the Bronx, and cutting accross town to see the Mets at night. With the entire trip almost completed, and Josh about to set this 'unofficial' record, TWIB wanted to tag along and see how we/he did it.

Basically, TWIB followed us around during our day in NYC, interviewing Josh, Eric, and me. They even took the… Continue

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St. Louis to Boston

Thirty27 finally got some well-deserved recognition on July 4th as the St. Louis Cardinals were nice enough to take Josh and Su onto the field for batting practice (right). While this was a great moment of the trip, it was also just a little forshadowing of what would occur in NY in a few days.

Following the game in St. Louis, the Thirty27 team headed to Cincinnati, where Josh was interviewed for local television. Luckily, Josh has good interviewee skills, so he actually… Continue

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East Coast Swing Begins

Random Thirty27 notes....

--*--There have been 18 games so far. There have been two massive rain delays in those 18 games.

--*--There have also been 4 extra inning games already.

--*--Josh has witnessed 7 sunrises.

--*--The trip has already logged over 10,000 miles on the rental Pontiac.

--*--Josh has now eaten 91 stadium pretzels, pushing his average to over 5 per game.

--*--Suganya has had 36 coffees, lots of cream, lots of sugar, lots of… Continue

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Suganya Joins the Trip

Playtime is over Josh. The wife has joined the trip, which should surely change the dynamic after two weeks of Bob A. and his dirty politics and Jonny R. and his NY style sarcasm. However, Suganya may get Josh to eat a vegetable. I believe the first time Josh ate anything green was a couple days after his 30th birthday. And he wonders why his hair isn't so thick anymore.

Jason Kubel (right), plated the only Twins run Saturday with a homer.

Suganya joined… Continue

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Canadian Illuminati

Josh survived his latest Canadian border experiences on Wednesday, and watched Roy Halladay pitch against Aaron Harang in some excellent seats provided by the Blue Jays. Griffey popped a homerun and the Thirty27 team got to see the newest oldest Blue Jays manager, Cito Gaston.


The latest Thirty27 teammate, Jonny R., is the first team member to use coffee to stay awake on the overnight drives, shunning the Monster energy drinks. Everyone knows Josh does not need… Continue

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KC, Detroit, and into the North

Whoever said Kansas City was boring and Detroit was a dump,.... well, they were right. But to Josh and the Thirty27 team though, they were stops #9 and #10 of the tour. Josh's old man, Jonny, had flown to KC, and was waiting at a remote EconoLodge, as far from civilization as possible in this day and age. He reportedly walked over 6 miles in 124 degree mid-western summer heat to find a single slice of pizza. His room had been booked by Mrs. Robbins, with the obvious intent of keeping… Continue

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Jonny R joins the trip!

The trip has reached the national level today, getting double-blogged by Yahoo!Sports.

CLICK HERE to read all about it.


The trip will add yet another member tonight, as Jon Robbins will meet Josh and Bob in Kansas City. (Here's a photo of Jonny at his 13th birthday party) The trio will also meet up with the girl who is known… Continue

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The Drive

Photo by Ken Koller

I have just received word that the thirty27 team successfully completed the most difficult section of the trip. Yesterday Josh started at his apartment in Redondo Beach. He was able to get a few hours of sleep after a late-night arrival from Oakland (Dani Robbins' one day cameo on the trip saw her get her first ever speeding ticket on the return trip from Oaktown). New team member, Bob A., joined the trip at LAX,… Continue

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still at home in LA....

Josh, the leader of the thirty27 team currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA. And so far, the stadium trip hasn't taken him very far from there. On Sunday he flew to Seattle, and by Wednesday afternoon he was back in LA, and even had time to stop at his apartment. Teammate, Ken, even took a rest at his own apartment. (Ken would have napped if not for all those Monsters he drank)

Then, the boys took in the NYMets@LAAngels game. This game was huge for the Mets since it was… Continue

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Game 2 - San Francisco

The SF Giants were among the 20+ ballclubs that donated tickets to the thirty27 project. They didn't give up cheapies either, sitting the thirty27 team in the 3rd row behind the Giants' bullpen mound. ****

Game notes from SF....

----Edgar Renteria (my main man from Colombia and my AL all-star vote getter), tallied his 2,000th career hit.

----Marcus Thames blasted a 450ft homerun.

----This was Josh's first visit to AT&T… Continue

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Media frenzy begins early for the team

Josh and the thirty27 team were swarmed early last night, interviewing with KOMO tv in Seattle. Josh talked about the trip and all the pretzels he'll be eating along the way. Josh is known to survive on an all-carb and grain diet.


Some game notes from Seattle....

--Josh was nearly ejected from the stadium after being accused of videotaping game action by a security guard.

--Then in the fifth inning, it was actually thirty27… Continue

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Opening Night

Josh arrived in Seattle, WA by plane on Sunday morning. He will not get on another plane until he has seen a game at all 30 ballparks in a record-setting 26 days, starting tonight at Safeco Field. He met Ken, the first of many people who will join him on this quest. They picked up their sweet rental car, a Pontiac Grand Am I believe (sorry guys, but Pontiacs are girls cars, it's a fact), and will be using this rental car to drive to each ballpark.

During my pre-trip interview with… Continue

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Hi, my name is Josh Robbins. I thought you might be interested in my world record attempt starting June 16th in Seattle, WA.


Local Pursues a New World Record – 30 Major League Games in 27 Days and Benefit Area Little League

Hawthorne, Calif., May 5, 2008 – One man will strive to set another world record this summer. South Bay resident Josh Robbins, with help from his friends and family, will drive… Continue

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