I read where Josh was going to be followed around NYC the other day by TWIB... anyone know when that will be on? I just watched this weeks and it was mainly about the Rays and the All-Star game.

Also, being inspired by Josh... am looking for someone (or someones) that might be interested in doing this same trip next summer. Trying to officially break the record that Josh set unofficially. Either way it would be awesome to do it. If you think you might want to do this and are serious about dedicating the time to it, let me know :)

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I saw TWIB as well. Great job Thirty26 guys! Good luck offthemeter on your quests...
If you're serious about doing the NCAA or the pro sports tours, maybe I can work something out with you for this quest. It largely depends on what you had iin mind. Just let me know how far in the thinking stages you are in.
thanks guys for the nice responses. I thought TWIB did a great job with the small time frame they had to work with. I'm slowly going through all of the footage and logging the sound bites. It will probably take me the rest of the year to complete a presentable documentary for submission. Enjoy.
Yeah, it was great... makes me jealous and that much more excited about trying it myself :)



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