Anyone know?

For what reason(s), do fans NOT get to vote for pitchers in the All Star Game?


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I don't know the reason but i am glad it is that way. I don't think fans should be the sole voters for position players either. I saw the fan voting results this week and they had Taylor Teagarden as 4th at the Catcher position even though he has been in the minor leagues for most of the season.

If the game is going to affect who gets home field in the world series, i think managers should have a bigger role in selecting the players that make it on the team.
Hansel, I do understand your comment and concern about World Series home game advantage. That can make a difference.

I do, however, respectfully disagree with your comments on managers should have more of a role in position players who are voted as an All Star.

To me, the All Star Game is for fans to see the players the fans want to see. That’s who I vote for. We, the baseball FANS of the world get to vote; not the managers.

In regards to T. Teagarden, my next question would be: Who and how are the decisions made on which names to put on the All Star Ballot? (I’ll have to Google that one.)

Maybe similar to your Teagarden example, in 2008, there was a Rockies player on the All Star ballot (Jayson Nix) who ended up playing in Triple A from May or so on that year.
I would agree with you completely if the game was not tied to the World Series. I think the decision to tie those thing together was a knee-jerk reaction following the tie in the 2002 all-star game and i don't think it makes that much of a difference on how the game is played.

Did you find out how they decided who should be in the ballot? My guess is that they ask the clubs to submit names prior to the beginning of the season.
Nope, haven't heard how they decided who should be on the ballot but I bet you are correct. If any one asks me, that's what I'll answer. I seem to remember that's how the players in the minor league All Star Games are chosen.



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