We are ready to lock-down a date for the 2nd Annual Ballpark Chasers Meetup. Our 2015 Meetup will be held at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. Because summer doesn't start until after the 4th of July in Washington, we are looking at dates in July and August. We prefer a Saturday night game in order to leave the option open for us to meetup beforehand. We also want Chasers to have the option of seeing a game at nearby Minor League ballparks on Sunday and/or Monday. With that being said, Saturday August 22nd, White Sox vs. Mariners, seems to be the best option. How does this date look for you?

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I'm in! Can't wait to meet everyone.

The date works well for me. I was bummed to miss the first meetup...hope to make the trip to Seattle!

Right now I have no other plans for that weekend. I plugged it in on my calendar. Hopefully I can make this one.

We were already going to try to make it out to Safeco from Cincy to start our chase, but the date might be after school starts for my two kids. If it changes, we might be able to make it. If not, enjoy the game!

Our luck, it will get rained out. But that date sounds good.

i would love to be a part of that

I would love to attend, but I have a family wedding that weekend. I will keep an eye out for changes and future events!

I'm planning to come this time. I put on my 2015 Excel Master Schedule. That will be one of many highlights next year. I just need to sprinkle in a minor league game or two to the mix that weekend. I noticed the Rainiers are home that Thursday. I went to Cheyney Stadium in 1996 before the recent renovation so I'm considering a return to see the facelift if you will. A game in Everett would be nice as well if they're home. The main thing is the big seed on the 22th has been planted.

Ok, I have to fly to the left coast for my in-laws 60th anniversary in August, so I've convinced my wife that we need to stay long enough to hit Seattle on the 22nd. Luckily, Seattle is one of her favourite cities, so I am there! Looking forward to meeting everyone. No changing the dates now..I have to buy plane tickets soon to lock in half decent prices here in Canada! Cheers everyone!

So glad to hear that most are able to make this date work! We will be sending out an official announcement next week that August 22nd is the date!

Perfect date! As of now, I'm planning on hitting my last three ballparks west of the Mississippi- Tacoma, Hillsboro, and Eugene starting 8/24. East of the Mississippi I have 7 left which I'm planning on hitting next year, plus Biloxi, whenever they get their act together. Looking forward to meeting my fellow chasers. Have a great winter!!



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