Help new friends

I will be going to Chicago on Aug 2nd and driving up to see the
 Brewers then driving back to Chicago to on Aug 3rd see the
White Soxs and Cubs need info on tickets and hotels and food spots
please help 

Thanks all 


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Hi David - Start with Chaser Guides, link on upper right side of Ballpark Chasers page (just before FAQ). Lots of good information there. 
Ditto Meg's response. Also, you can use the search tool on the upper right-hand corner to see previous posts on a topic.

cool thanks guys iam very much looking foward to see 3 parks i havent been to yet



Sounds like a big plan!  Which tickets do you need? Sox/Cubs?  I thought I would not be able to get seats for Yankees/Cubs but they released some seats (a lot of good ones) a week ago.  I asked the guy when I bought them at the ticket booth and he said that they do routinely hold seats and then release a final round closer to game day. I also know that Boston did the same when the Cubs went there. What else do you need to know for hotel?  And as for food - there is a lot!




Check out my blog. Here's the link: I go to Chicago and Milwaukee every year. There's no place like Wrigley Field. I did some posts on my blog which include a few great places to eat. I was last there in the middle of May. Take a look. I strongly suggest that you contact my friend Andrew Van Cleve. He lives up the block from Wrigley. He has a great website, that you should check out. It's on my blog list. He's a master at getting tickets from scalpers at great prices. Read about it on his site.  Best of luck in your travels. Make sure you prepare for the brutal Chicago traffic. I want to give you fair warning. I'm not trying to scare you off. It comes with the territory out there.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman


Hi David, you should definitely bid for a hotel on for a hotel in Milwaukee because they have great deals for decent style hotels.  Just remember that any hotel you stay you will probably have to pay for parking on a daily basis.  Public transit in Chicago is the best in the country.  use The Red Line will be perfect for either park.  Again try bidding at for a downtown hotel.  Or try -is a hotel 2 blocks from the park for about a $100 a night-which is incredible if you factor in savings on transportation.
Thank u Chuck for all the great advice




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