Hello, I am new to California and am interested in having a discussion about the great ballparks out here in this State. I really like Dodgers Stadium, but my interest is not limited to MLB only. I would also like to hear about some of the greatest minors stadium, collegiate wood bat, or independent league stadiums.


For upcoming and future baseball trip planning purposes I have created a map of stadiums across California including MLB, minors, NCAA division 1, and certain independent leagues. There are approximately 75 teams mapped:


Some stadiums I have really narrowed in on wanting to see are:

Healdsburg Prune Packers - Recreation Park (college wood bat league)

San Rafael Pacifics - (independent Pacific Associatoin)

Pepperdine Wavers - Eddie D. Field (NCAA)

Stanford Cardinals - Sunken Diamond (NCAA)

SF Giants (AT&T Park)

I am also interested in old wooden ballparks with covered grandstands. Jay Littleton Ballpark in Ontario looks really great in this regard but I don't know when/if any teams play there.

Some noteworthy stadiums I have visited are Visalia Recreation Park, Dodger Stadium, and Cal Poly Baggett Stadium. All were quite nice:

I hope this thread sparks interest from some California ballpark aficionados and we can have an ongoing discussion here. I will post pics as I cross some of these stadiums off my list and update if I come across other fields especially worth visiting.

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Very cool map of baseball in California.  I'm not from the state but do enjoy minor league, independent league, and NCAA.  Please continue to post updates.



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