Can you count a ballpark as 'seen' if the game gets rained out?

My Dad and I are currently in Detroit and had tickets to the Tigers/White Sox game last night. We are in town from Houston and doing a 4 city tour this week. This morning we leave for Toronto to catch the afternoon Twins/Blue Jays game. We don't have any time this week to make it back to Detroit was we are headed to Cleveland from Toronto and then on to Pittsburgh.

We arrived to the stadium area early and took in the local bars, and got pics both outside and inside Comerica park. However, the game was cancelled before a pitch was thrown. I have my ticket and plenty of pics, but no game. Can I mark Comerica off my list of stadiums? My Dad says 'Yes', but I can't decide?

If not, I'll need to make speacial plans to get back to Detroit sometime in the next couple years....

Thoughts anyone??

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The way I see it, to say you "Saw" it, if you were able to walk around inside the stadium, check it out... but no game? Then YES, you can, as far as I am concerned. But obviously you cant say that you saw a game there. I have always branched my stadium chasing into 2 categories, "Games" and "Seen". That way I can distinguish between ones I might not have seen a game in yet (like new Yankee Stadium for me, saw the stadium, spent a couple hours there, but no game due to rain).

Plus, the tag line of this web site says, "How many have you SEEN"? :)
Hey Jeff! First off, I am so sorry to hear this. I have been fortunate to not have this happen (knock on wood) but over time it will most likely catch up to me. This a good question that really comes down to you making the call. There are no set "rules" for Ballpark Chasers as we all have our own system. As for me, I would add the pin to my map but would be going back to see a game before my chase to see all 30 were complete.

Check out Meg's forum for more opinions.
What did you decide Jeff?
I'm not going to count it. I've decided to see it again next season. I'm going to Cincinnati next year to see Great American and will probably take a day and drive to Detroit to get a game in at Comerica.
Great question. I think each person should set their own criteria.

Me and my son have been very lucky so far and have seen a full 9 inning game at 31 MLB parks.
We stopped saying we've seen all the MLB parks until we see both New York teams in June. That will have fulfill our goal of seeing a ball game in ALL the current MLB parks, at least until 2012 when the new Marlin's stadium opens.
This is a fun discussion that I've had several times. It usually comes up when I say I've been to 14* or 14 1/2 parks. I got rained out in Baltimore a few years back. Got into town early, went on a Stadium tour, came back a few hours later and saw the grounds crew.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to go back. I decided after much deliberation that I can't rank a park if I didn't see a game. One of the most important factors to consider in my rankings is the atmosphere during the game. Without being able to fully judge the entire experience, I can't rank the park. Without being able to rank it I can't say I've been there. Unfortunatly, Camden gets an incomplete.

Sorry you got rained out in the D. Comerica Park is my "home" park and I've never been rained out.
I feel the same way...I can't rank Comerica. I've decided to go back next season though. I'm going to Cincinnati anyway, so I'll make the drive up to Detroit afterwards.

The rainout in Detroit did allow me to check out a lot of the bars near the stadium (Cheli's Chili, Hockeytown, etc). We spent some time at Cheli's Chili Bar and I was able to meet and get a picture with Chris Chelios...not a bad consolation.
I agree with Jerry...I think that one gets an asterisk. Besides, wouldn't hurt to take another trip to Comerica, would it?
Yeah come on back! There's alot to see in the D, the Elwood grill right behind center field,the Detroit hard rock,the state bar,The Detroit beer co,definitely plenty more to see on your second trip.
I'm making a short stop there for a Giants/Tigers game this coming July.  Hopefully, no weather issues as I'll only be able to go to that 1 game!
Agreed...I am going to try to make it to the big D in late June, if my wife allows it! :-)
I was rained out of my game at Comerica, and it was a great experience.  I met some really great people at the bar and got a much better feel for Detroit.  That having been said, the first thing I did when I got back to the hotel was see if I could keep my room for an extra night.  Hopefully you loved seeing the park, but a game there will be worth your while.



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