My cable company is offering a free trial for the new MLB Network. Its nice to see a little baseball news in between all the football and basketball I have been watching. My favorite show so far is Cathedrals of the Game. It is a 30 minute program that focuses on one MLB stadium. I have only seen 2 so far, but I imagine they will get to all 30. Anyone else see this?

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DirectTV has this as a regular channel and I am LOVING IT! I have recorded and watched several shows. I do have both Catheral shows recorded, yet I havent watched either yet, probably tonight. It's great to see baseball on 24/7... especially if your a Phillies fan, which I am not, with them playing the World Series over and over again :)
I am loving this channel as well. I wonder how long I will get MLB Network before Comcast makes me buy another package and increases my bill yet again!

Regarding the COTG show... I have only ran across Busch Stadium and Safeco Field. They threw some things in there that I wasn't aware of but I would say our Ballpark Chasers Stadium Guides are better!! :)
I agree Craig, once I got the chance the other day to sit down and watch the COTG shows that I had recorded, I wasn't really that impressed. I guess for us "experts" it's a bit lacking, but I would assume for those out there that haven't been to these parks, maybe it was thrilling, I dunno. I LOVED seeing Michelle Beadle, I do so miss her much from Yankee's Ultimate Road Trip now that its gone away! Hate the Yankee's, but I loved that show, especially the first 2 seasons!
I never got to see that show...what was Yankee's Ultimate Road Trip about?
It's 1st season, Yankee's Ultimate Road Trip was a "reality" show where a group of die hard Yankee fans got to travel to all 162 Yankee games! The 2nd season, most got to all games, but not all and the 3rd and final season they had to win the right to go to the games. While I cant stand the Yankees, and it pained me to watch the YES network, I loved the show for 2 reasons, Baseball and Traveling! Over the 3 seasons it was really cool to get to see the cities they were in as they competed in different challenges and to learn about places in cities that might be cool to see or to see them at places that I have been or ate at, like O'Brycki's in Baltimore. of course it was wicked awesome to see the ballparks and to dream of being able to do that sometime... and get paid to do it :)
Was just scanning the guide for MLB Network and on 1/26 they will have Rogers Centre & Wrigley Field on Cathedrals Of The Game. Then on 2/2 it's Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park!

Just an FYI for anyone that wants to catch these :)
Awesome - thanks! I was wondering when they were going to start airing new shows.
I watched the COTG on Dodger Stadium...they have upcoming shows on Petco Parck, Rogers Centre, PNC Park, and some others in Feb, check your guide.
So far so good... my cable company is still giving me MLB tv! Thanks for the update Dutch, I will have to keep my eye out for those new shows.



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