It was quite a coincidence for me that the ballpark chasers chose this year to attend the College World Series. My husband, who died almost 3 years ago and 3 ballparks short of visiting all 30 (I did complete the journey) played in the College World Series 50 years ago for the University of Massachusetts.  I attended a reunion of the players last weekend at UMass (also my alma mater) and about 14 members of the team were present.  4 teammates have died and the coach just died a few months ago.  It was an amazing get together and so hard to believe that it was 50 years ago. Even one of the coach's twin sons who was a bat boy was there. 

I hope all of the chasers have a great season in your pursuit of the ballparks. As a lifelong Red Sox fan it has been a great 21st century so far for Red Sox Nation!

Brenda Mason

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