We went on a 10 park journey in June and due to a nigth of travel and an early stop the night before, we arrived in Chicago for a Cubs game late. I was kinda mad with the whole situation and well, we didn't get there to the fourth inning due to traffic. Here's where I ask you Chasers....

Do I count this ballpark as having seen a game? Thing is I didn't really enjoy it as we had bleacher seats and god knows I was pissed so I didn't sit out there. I wandered around for a bit taking it all in and maybe watched two or three innings. Just a bad day for me. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it back to Wrigley and hope I will soon but do I count it?

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IMHO - Yes! (Bummer about the situation though.) I wander around sometimes too. I like to explore the stadiums themselves. That's part of being a ballparkchaser in my opinion.
Absolutely Greg! You watched a game at Wrigley Field so count it!
Yeah I've been counting it for a while but wasn't one hundred percent sure whether to do it or not. By the way if anyone is interested I've been blogging my games so far on my blog.


Please drop by and read and learn a bit about the parks. I'm working on my 2010 road trip right now and once that's done will work my way towards the 2009 road trip I took last year.
As long as you saw a pitch...it counts, IMO.
Sometimes these things happen. The places that you think are going to be the highlight of the
journey can turn out to be overrated or just a disappointment while the ones you haven't really thought about too much or decided at the last minute provide the best memories/experience.
I learned that lesson on a soccer stadium journey of South America earlier this year with the world famous 'La Bombanera' stadium. The whole experience was just not great and proved to be more of a hassle than anything while everywhere else was unforgettable.

I went to see a game once in Cincinnati, but the game was rained out.
I had a similar situation when visiting Shea Stadium in 95'.  I watched the game from the Top of the 5th on, saw all of the runs scored, and saw the Mets win.  I count that game and you should too- you did see a game there. 
Hey, Greg, an official game is 5 full, so technically you saw a complete game. I understand how frustrating this can be, especially for the famous Wrigley Field. Funny story, I missed a Cubs game, but took the tour, it was awesome by the way, and learned a lot. However, I still count that as a park I have visited~nd still have to go back.

Good luck!
i say count it, you saw the stadium and some action.
here's a question to everyone:
I've been to Shea, Tiger stadium and Olympic stadium in Montreal. So to complete all stadiums in the league would I still have to go to Comerica, Citi, and whatever the nationals stadium is called???

Having been to a couple of now closed (and 1 closing in a few weeks), I will backtrack to go to the new stadiums. That being said, the 3 that you referenced are 3 real nice stadiums and among my favorites.



Heres where I sat for 2 Nationals games last month.




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