Me, my brother and a friend are thinking of doing this trip May 13-22nd. Its alot of games and driving in 10 you think its feasable?


13th - Twins vs. Blue Jays - 7:10pm - Target Field

14th - Brewers vs. Pirates - 3:10pm - Miller Park

15th - Cubs vs. Giants - 1:20pm - Wrigley Field

16th - White Sox vs. Rangers - 7:10pm - US Cellular Field

17th - Tigers vs. Blue Jays - 7:05pm - Comerica Park

18th - Blue Jays vs. Rays - 7:07pm - Rogers Centre

19th - No Game

20th - Red Sox vs. Cubs - 7:10pm - Fenway Park

21st - Yankees vs. Mets - 7:10pm - Yankee Stadium

22nd - Phillies vs. Rangers - 1:35pm - Citizens Bank Park

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Hey Paul!

This looks do-able to me. It's all pretty much containted to the northern mid-west/northeast. Hope you get to see my Giants beat the cubs.


Paul -

It looks do-able to me too.

You'd have to leave early on the 22nd to get to Philadelphia in time for the game.

You've got a 'rest day/travel day' on the 19th so that will give you all a break. I bet I can find a minor league game in the NE for you to attend (if desired) on the 19th.

Nine stadiums in ten days... can't beat that! That's a nice trip.

Wow! That's awesome man looks like your plan is A-1,fingers crossed for nice weather.
Yeah, see now reason why that couldnt be done... and it would be an awesome trip :)

  Paul, this is an easy trip.  Minnesota to Milwaukee is only 5.5 hours(hint:stay at a Motel 6 is Minnesota so you can check in at 12 PM-gives you a three hour head start for a rest.  You will need to leave at 7 am on the 14th to make Miller Park.  You have 2 games more to stay in Chicago which is easy.  I would priceline bid a Milwaukee stay on the 14th as you can get a hotel for $30-35 which is way cheaper then Chicago.  Heading out on the 16th you should stay at the Best Western in Valpraiso, Indiana-it is only 15 minutes from the I-90 Hwy/ one hour from US Cellular-and would probably go for $80 per night. 

  I take it there is no game the 19th because you guys have a function to attend?  If you are looking for somethin in between the cities of Toronto and Boston-don't forget about the Baseball Hall Of Fame-which is half way to Boston from Toronto.  Cooperstown is only 3.5-4 hours away from Boston.  You best have lots of small bills and coins for this.  You can expect to pay $15 of tolls in Chicago-another $10 getting to  Detroit-$4 for going over the bridge back into the USA from the Rogers Center-another $20-25 in driving to Boston and you know the New York scene for tolls.  Are you driving one of your guys car-or are you renting?



Me and my Pal are going to fly to Minneapolis, my brother lives in ohio so he will drive to the Twin Cities and we will drive in his car the rest of the way. I have friends in Minnesota, so we can crash with them, as well as in Toronto. I live in NY, on long island, so we will stay overnight at my place between NYY and Phillies. My brother will drop us back home, stay a day more and head back home.


Now I just need him to hurry up and get his passport!

Hey Paul, what day are you guys flying out?
The morning of the 13th - looks like there is a 6am flight, we should be able to do it no problem.
I assume since you said your is driving in from Ohio he will probably be taking the 80 turnpike to Minnesota,just a heads up on the way back since I'm in Detroit I have made this trip a few times. Coming from Chicago to Detroit you would probably be better off taking I-94 in,I have noticed taking the turnpike will add about a hour to your drive. Just a little heads up!
Yeah the air tran/frontier flight from LGA is good.  Air Tran Airways is the best airline in America-they have bigger seats then the legacy airlines-and wi-fi available.  but also for us hardcore fans-they have xmradio-CHANNEL 175 home plate for free on the flights.  You guys are going to have fun.  While in Toronto make sure you guys walk down to Union Station  before the ballgame.  They have wicked hotdogs-french fries with the mobile street vendors down in that area.



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