hello everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer weather and the baseball season.

The wife and I are going to be taking a short trip to St. Louis this weekend.

We have been talking about renting a car and making the Drive to Kansas City (rougly 4 hour drive).


My question is....Would anyone reccommend us staying the night in Kansas City?

As far as I can tell there are not a whole lot of touristy things to do. We were thinking of going to the game on Sunday (2pm midday game) and returning to St. Louis that same day. Is there any 'must see' things in Kansas City that would warrent us spending more time in the Kansas City area?



While we are at it...here is what we plan to see in St. Louis...anything anyone wants to add???


-Busch Stadium

-Budweiser factory tour

-St. Louis Arch


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The 'must see' in Kansas City is the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.


Definitely spend the night in KC..I don't recommend more than 1 though. As mentioned before, the other thing to do there is the NLBM. Definitely worthwhile. 

Stadium tour of Kauffman Stadium was pretty good too....between the game, tour, museum, and the BBQ restaurants...it's worth the night.


There is a World War 1 Museum in KC as well.



Im looking to go to St Louis and KC next year to get these 2 off of my list. 



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