My son and I just started last year when he graduated from college and since we now live in different parts of the country, we hope to do 1-2 parks a year. We want to keep a type of scrapbook or binder with the tickets, program, newspaper article, box score, photos etc from each game and park. Any ideas on how to organize this or other things we should consider doing or getting from the park, without it becoming a chore or exorbitantly expensive? Would appreciate any ideas and suggestions.

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I keep my plastic drink cups. I started to realize that I got one at every game, so I started keeping them. Most are in a box right now, and it still drives my wife nuts, but just this past week I got my cups from the 3 parks I was at that I hadn't seen yet... a cheap and cool thing to collect :)
I like the plastic team cups as well. As a Dodger fan, I even have a couple of BEAT L.A. cups from AT&T park form the hated ones !!!!
It sounds like you covered everything. As for myself, I like the to keep ticket stubs and scorecards from each new stadium.
Ticket stubs are always a must. How about collecting magnets from each stadium?
Or pens you can use to take score with :)
I have my Dodger schedule magnets from each season except 2003 dating back to 2001 posted on my fridge.  They give them out on the opening series of each season.  I remember in 2002 on that night the Giants we're pummeling us 12-0 and in the 8th inning as most of the crowd had vacated I was walking around picking up other schedule magnets left behind the dejected crowd.  Next thing I hear this really loud voice yelling at me and I think I'm gonna get jumped.  Instead, this monster slides more schedule magnets to me from his bleacher seat.  Did I mention we we're losing 12-0 at the time ?
I've been pondering the same topic for quite some time. I'd like to combine the ticket stub, a lapel pin from the game, a picture of the stadium, and one personal picture in a ticket album, but can't seem to find one anywhere online!!! Therefore, despite my better judgment, i'm contemplating taking the deep and difficult to admit plunge into the world of scrapbooking. Someone please help me find a better solution!!!
I keep all my ticket stubs and put the in a nice frame that I hang up for display. I also buy a baseball and shot glass that I display on a nice bookshelf. I also keep my drink cups and a scorecard and program with the pencils.

Always take pictures everywhere i go as most people do. Shot glasses are probably my favorite because most teams sell them whether minor or major leagues, except for the Twins!!!!!
I also keep ticket stubs, pictures, any giveaways, schedules, brochures, etc. I have a question... I sometimes purchase tickets online because they are cheaper, and they usually have the "print your tickets at home" I print the tickets on copy paper. I prefer to have real ticket stubs as a souvenir. Does anyone know if I would be able to get real 'ticket' stubs from a stadium box office just for a souvenir? Basically if they are able to print out tickets just for a souvenir, and not for entrance? If anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks

You have the choice of printing them out or getting them through mail, so I usually get by mail unless there's a great deal on StubHub. This was the case when I went to Milwaukee, and I could have paid $5 to have the tickets reprinted, but I just bought a Uecker ticket for $1. Some parks will just give you a header ticket.

Ticket stubs, shot glasses and the ice cream helmets
I started collecting drink cups too, but after I forgot one in the cup holder after the game in KC, I kind of abandoned that one. I have found a couple of pictures and a well kept score card are the best way to remember games and stadiums.



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