Was curious how other baseball fans are scoring the 'Manager's Challenge' on their score cards this season.  Me - I'm denoting MCH in the box that it occurred but I'm not really liking that.  How does anyone else who scores game record the challenge?

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I have just put an asterisk in the corner and then wait until the final call to mark down what happens.  Not really much to mark down.


When I was at Yankee Stadium, it was amazing how many people asked me why I was bothering to keep score...Dying art maybe?

Keeping score is one of the purest parts of the game. I remember listening to Yankee games on the radio and keeping score. One of my goals this summer is to teach my son to keep score. I've see people do it on smart phones and tablets, but give me a score card and pencil anyday. I know in St. Pete at the Trop they give the scorecards for free as part of the programs. The other day I found an old one from a Orlando Rays AA game I went to when they played at Disney. BJ Upton was playing in the game that day. Of course he struck out 3 times, but the thing that I remember from that day is my daughter getting a used bat from a player. Memories.

No need to do anything special.  Just mark the play down as you normally would.  Guess you could make a notation or note that there was a challenge, but for me I just score the play like any other non-challenged play that occurs in the game.

I keep score every game, and I have every scorecard for every game I've been to since 2002. You never know what you're going to see when you go to the ballpark. Plus the scorecards help me to remember important things that happened during games I attended when I talk about them with other people. I will probably never stop.

Should be scored as the result of the play after the challenge. I would put a notation as to the challenge and if it was overturned. Like the Yankees Game Sunday when Gardner over slid 3rd base. Call was a triple. It was overturned to a double and baserunning error. Personally it should have been handled as if he had secured the bag and stepped off. Triple and baserunning error, but thats in the judgment of the Home Scorer.



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