Taking a quick midwest trip this weekend. Friday morning, I'm heading to St. Louis, this will be ballpark #20 for me (amazing to think I was at 8 at the start of the 2015 season). I'll get to see my second team, the Dodgers, take on the Cardinals. Saturday I'm heading up to Chicago. On Sunday a friend and I will be going to see our favorite team, the Tigers, take on the White Sox.

Not often that you get to see the two teams you root for play on the road in the same weekend!

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How was your trip Mike?

Hey Jack, it was awesome.  I loved Busch Stadium.  Very welcoming fans (even with me being a visiting team fan), great energy in the crowd.  It's easy to get to as well.  Good food options - I got the loaded tater tots, which probably is a bad idea for just one person but it was worth it.  I also had a new experience there, being at a 16-inning game.  That was crazy.

Chicago was fun too.  Stayed with a friend I've known since I was 3 and his wife, and got to meet their baby daughter!  My friend and I went to US Cell on Sunday and saw the end of the suspended game from the night before plus Sunday's game.  I liked that stadium better than I remembered.  There's not much around it but there are some cool features inside.  The fans are lively and the food is some of the best tasting I've had in any ballpark.  

So next up is the meet up in August.  I'll also be hitting Progressive Field and Citizens Bank Park again on the way out to Baltimore/DC.  Can't wait!



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