I am new to this site. I wish I would have known about it a couple of months ago. I am on day 37 of a 72 day trip to see the 22 major league parks (plus Philly again) that I have not previously been to. I will be at the Angels game this Friday and will work my way to Phoenix for the Diamondbacks game before heading to TX for Houston on Sunday, July 24 and Rangers on July 25. I have a blog at MikesBaseballTour.blogspot.com for anyone that wants the full itinerary and reports. I would love to meet up with other chasers for games. I am looking for tips on best places to sit, and also for parking.

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I am also on my way of visiting all the ball parks which I just started this year , and I been to 18 ball parks already this year . I'm going to Kansas City in the morning to see the royals play .
I'm off work on Tuesday and Wednesday which I been going to ball parks every off days and I would also to meet up with people at ball parks . I have 12 more to go to complete my goal

Wow what a summer Mike. I'll have to check out your blog. Have fun!

This... is... awesome.  What an epic trip!

Trying to complete all 30 soon , arziona Tuesday n Chicago Wednesday



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