Hey all. I am new to this site. I've always been a Yankees fan but now I am also a baseball fan. My family started a tradition of seeing a game in a different stadium every year with our 6 year old son. This year we are going to Coors Stadium. My question is, is the passport worth the money? It seems steep for a book. Any experience?

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By the time I found this site and the passport I was already to far into my chasing to get one. It looks cool and if you are just starting your chase, it may be worth while, but if you are already 1/2 way done your chase, it wouldn't be worth it in my opinion. Have a great trip!

I have the passport but I'm just now getting started. If you plan to go to them all including the ones you've seen already again or If you like to have proof of the visit than I say get it. When you go to each park they have a place to get a stamp of the date you visited you can get, usually in the team shop. The book has some stadium info in it a place for autographs, and extra pages for special games like all star game or spring training. If you don't want to go through seeing them again then dont. You can do without it.

I got the passport book a couple of years ago for Father's Day. It has absolutely been worth the money. I know that my kids will look back on the entries of our visits for years to come. Enjoy your journey!

Thanks all

Hi Aimee. I was a little skeptical but after seeing it talked about so much within the group i bought one. I feel its worth the price and is something i never go to the ballpark without.

Thanks Jack. Good to know

I was on the fence it seemed pricey. I caved in last summer and bought one and am so happy that I did. When you go through it and realize how much you will use it over the course of your traveling, it is worth every penny! Buy it!

Thanks Luke! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's pricey. Do you know of any discounts?



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