Anyone as excited as I am? I'll be flying down to LA, to see the Giants open the season at Chavez Ravine. Pretty bummed they didn't get to start the season at home, but I guess it didn't hurt them in the end last year.

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What a day! Sorry about your Giants, Evan. They kinda got screwed having to travel to LA for opening day when they are the defending champs. What's up with that! I a still on a high from my Reds walk-off victory! Hopefully we can make another run like last year.

Hah, yeah the schedule has not been friendly to the Giants. They started out on the road last year, and went 1-5 on their first two serieses.

The game was pretty fun, and we had great seats. I'll upload some pics later. Definitely took a lot of heat from Dodger fans, but also had a bunch of them coming up to us and congrating us on the series win. I'll say one thing though -- not many Orange and Black fans made it out there. We were swimming in a sea of blue.

Did you hear about the Giants fan that got attacked my Dodgers fans? Glad you didn't run into those guys!
Opening day is always exciting and extra special with a Yankees win. Ha!
Whether my team wins or not, I'm always psyched about Opening Day. Spring is here.

That is 11 straight home opener victories for the Yanks!!!


I always did feel bad for fans of teams that didn't start the season at home; but I guess they can't all do it. I think baseball should have two Opening Days, and have all the teams that started on the road play their home opener on the same day! (I sense a marketing opportunity...)



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