One of the greatest voices, not only in baseball, but overall, was silenced today. I remember the 1st time I heard Harry on the radio when I was in Philly and realized he was the voice of NFL Films. I loved Harry's voice and his signature, "It's outta heeeerrreee"! He will be missed :*(

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Such a tough week for baseball. First Nick and now Harry. I loved Harry's voice for NFL films- he was my all time favorite!
I loved listening to Kalas whenever I got the Philly feed on MLB.TV. I loved listening to his voice on NFL Films talking about the Super Bowl Champions. As a lowly Lions fan, I always wished if that day came (aka Hell froze over)where the Lions won the Super Bowl Kalas would say "The Lions are the Super Bowl Champions." Fortunately in a gag on Fox Sports Detroit when they interviewed Kalas, he said it. He will sorely be missed as another of the broadcasting legends belongs to the ages.



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