So Who Here Has Seen Games in the Greatest Number of Major League Ballparks?

As you can see from the stadium count after my name, I keep track of both current and former ballparks on my Major League list. I have seen games in 11 ballparks that are no longer: (1) Comiskey Park, (2) Shea Stadium, (3) Milwaukee County Stadium, (4) Riverfront Stadium, (5) Veterans Stadium, (6) Busch Stadium, (7) 3 Com, (8) Yankee Stadium, (9) Metrodome, (10) Tiger Stadium and (11) Three Rivers Stadium.

I have Turner Field in my sights since it will no longer be the home of the Braves pretty soon and will give me another defunct stadium to add to my list.

So who here has seen games in the most defunct Major League ballparks?

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Hey John!

I've seen ballgames at 45 MLB ballparks total: all 30 current MLB parks along with 15 retired parks (Yankee Stadium I, Comiskey Park, HHH Metrodome, Tiger Stadium, Arlington Stadium, Olympic Stadium, Shea Stadium, Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, RFK Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, Riverfront Stadium, Milwaukee County Stadium, Busch Stadium I, Qualcomm Stadium).

You'll find that there are some here who have been to 50+ if you include international games.

Here's a link to my full history if you're interested. Happy Chasing!

Wow - 45 is awesome!

My biggest ballpark regret will always be Montreal. In 1991, my brother and I had planned a trip that would take us from Chicago to Toronto to Montreal and back but due to lack of funding as poor college students, we ultimately decided to just do Toronto.

But we vowed that we would definitely get to Montreal in the year or two that followed. Unfortunately, life got in the way and we were never able to make it happen.

As a Cubs fan, I saw an awful lot of Olympic Stadium on television and, although it was not really the nicest looking or best attended park, there was always such a draw for me to see it and experience baseball in Montreal.

So, what was Olympic Stadium and experiencing baseball in Montreal like?

John, I have been to a total of 51 MLB stadiums. Retired stadiums are Pittsburgh Forbes Field, Three Rivers Stadium, Atlanta Fulton County, Miami Pro Player, Montreal Olympic Stadium, Milwaukee County Stadium, the Astrodome, Tiger Stadium, Jack Murphy, Candlestick, Arlington Stadium, Baltimore Memorial, Cleveland Municipal, the Metrodome, Riverfront, Yankee Stadium, Busch Stadium, RFK, Comiskey, Veterans Stadium, and Shea Stadium. There is one member that has been to 65 MLB stadiums if I remember correctly.

Since you asked John about Olympic Stadium, I thought I would share my visit. For me, the trip to Olympic Stadium was more of an adventure than the game itself. At the border, they had me go into the border station while they checked my identity. This was before passports were required. While sitting there, all of the border guards suddenly got up and started to run out. Since I didn't speak French, I thought maybe someone ran the crossing, but as the last guard passed me, he turned to me and said, "moose". The biggest memory I had was that the stadium was poorly lit compared to today's standards but was still glad I was able to go.

Hope you get to Turner, it is a nice ballpark.

I am probably the reigning champ, having seen MLB games that counted in 66 ballparks. It helps to be 71 years old and having had my dad take me to games beginning in 1950. I started collecting on my own in the early 1960s. Of course I've seen games in many retired ballparks, plus in San Juan and Tokyo, not to mention seeing the Rays play in Orlando a few years ago. I know of a gentleman named Seth Hawkins, also in his 70s, who lives somewhere in the Midwest and has seen games in more than 70 ballparks, but he is not a member of this website.

Shea Stadium, old Yankee Stadium, Fulton County Stadium, Sun Life Stadium, Cinergy Field, Jack Murphy, Astrodome, County Stadium (Milwaukee), Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia), Three Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh), Busch Stadium 2, Metrodome, Tiger Stadium.

I have been to 10 old parks Yankee Stadium, SHea, The Vet, Busch, Pro PLayer, HHH Dome, Qualcomm, Riverfront, RFK and Montreal. Fondest memory driving to Montreal for Tony Gwynn's 3000th hit! I also walked on the field in Montreal near the end and wondered how more players didn't get hurt playing there!

I've been to games in 45 ML parks. 19 of them are no longer in use. I just added Yankee Stadium to the list on August 4. The four I still need to get to are Minnesota, San Diego, Washington and Miami. Wrigley is my home park and I look forward to the renovations. I was at Fenway on August 1 and 2 and love the renovations they've done there since I was last there in the 90's.

I am middle of the pack here with 48 on the MLB part.
First game in each park
1 9/28/1974 Pittsburgh 7 Mets 3 Shea Stadium
2 9/16/1979 Detroit 8 Yankees 4 (12inn)Yankee Stadium
3 9/28/1984 Mets 0 Montréal 7 Olympique
4 5/10/1987 California 0 Boston 7 Fenway Park
5 6/24/1988 Detroit 3 Toronto 6 Exhibition
6 8/6/1988 Mets 5 Pittsburgh 3 3 Rivers Stadium
7 6/10/1989 Seattle 3 Cleveland 1 Cleveland Stadium
8 6/17/1989 Mets 1 Philadelphia 0 Veterans Stadium
9 8/17/1990 Mets 2 San Francisco 3 Candlestick
10 8/20/1990 Philadelphia 1 Los Angeles 2 Dodger
11 8/22/1990 Mets 4 San Diego 1 Jack Murphy
12 8/8/1991 Yankees 1 Chicago White Soxs 4 Comisky
13 8/9/1991 Mets 4 Cubs 5 Wrigley Field
14 8/23/1991 Yankees 5 Toronto 6 Sky Dome
15 9/11/1993 Oakland 1 Baltimore 3 Camden Yards
16 6/24/1997 Baltimore 6 Milwaukee 2 County
17 6/26/1997 Chicago White Soxs 11 Minnesota 1 Metrodome
18 4/23/1998 Arizona 1 Atlanta 3 Turner Field
19 4/25/1998 Arizona 4 Florida 3 (11inn)Pro Player Stadium
20 4/28/1998 Oakland 4 Tampa Bay 3 Tropicana
21 4/17/1999 Yankees 1 Detroit 3 Tiger Stadium
22 4/20/1999 Oakland 1 Cleveland 5 Jacobs Field
23 4/21/1999 Mets 4 Cincinnati 7 River Front Stadium
24 8/16/1999 Atlanta 14 Colorado 6 Coors
25 8/19/1999 Milwaukee 6 Houston 5 Astrodome
26 8/21/1999 Boston 2 Texas 9 The Ballpark In Arlington
27 6/23/2000 Kansas City 6 Oakland 10 Oakland Alameda
28 6/25/2000 Baltimore 2 Seattle 4 Safeco
29 6/22/2001 Montreal 11 Pittsburgh 5 PNC
30 6/26/2001 Cincinnati 10 St Louis 9 Busch
31 6/27/2001 Detroit 4 Kansas City 5 Royals
32 7/2/2001 Houston 6 Milwaukee 4 Miller
33 7/6/2001 Cubs 15 Detroit 9 Comerica
34 9/28/2001 Los Angeles 3 Arizona 4 (11 inn)Bank One Ballpark
35 7/5/2003 Mets 6 Cincinnati 2 Great American
36 4/15/2004 Cincinnati 4 Philadelphia 6 Citizens Bank
37 4/30/2005 Mets 3 Washington 5 (8inn)RFK Stadium
38 5/28/2005 Kansas City 1 Anaheim 14 Angels Staduim
39 5/30/2005 Milwaukee 1 San Diego 2 Petco
40 6/7/2005 Kansas City 8 San Francisco 1 SBC Park
41 5/16/2006 Mets 8 St Louis 3 Busch2
42 5/21/2006 Texas 0 Houston 5 Enron
43 5/15/2007 Texas 3 Tampa Bay 4 Orlando Wide World of Sports
44 5/3/2008 Pittsburgh 8 Washington 9 Nationals Park
45 4/25/2009 Washington 2 Mets 8 New Shea
46 5/1/2010 Chicago White Soxs 7 Yankees 6 New Yankee Stadium 2
47 4/8/2011 Oakland 1 Minnesota 2 Target Field
48 4/4/2012 St Louis 4 Florida 1 Marlins Park

I've been to a few that no longer exist as MLB sites ....

Kingdome; Yankee; Busch; Metrodome; Shea - and have managed to get to the replacements of Safeco, Citi Field and Yankee. Need to get to Busch and Target. Only started going to MLB games in 1998.

I've been to 20 of the current stadiums for either a game or a tour. I've also been to 4 retired stadiums. Yankees Stadium, Shea Stadium, Miami Pro Player Park and Baltimore's Memorial Stadium.

I've been to 58 MLB ballparks which includes many of the great ones that are no longer around. That includes Old Comiskey Park, Tiger Stadium, Municipal Stadium, Fulton County Stadium & County Stadium among the other cookie cutters that have come & gone like Three Rivers, Riverfront, the Vet & Busch 2. I did go to Candlestick, RFK, the Kingdome & the Metrodome. Of course since I live in NYC, Shea & Old Yankee Stadium as well. Others include Montreal, Monterrey, Mexico, Tokyo, Japan, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Orlando & Sydney, Australia. I'm only 46. The only one I missed that I may have been able to get to was old Metropolitan Stadium in Minnesota. I was 13 when that closed in 1981.

I have been to only three retired stadiums. Jack Murphy Stadium (my summer home for four years), Candlestick Park, and Riverfront Stadium.



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