I've been in 28 ballparks and will hit the last 2 this year. I was thinking about some of the unusual places to sit. I was wondering if 1) individual tickets are available in each place 2) if they are a special place to sit.

Wrigley - The seats across Sheffield avenue. Looks like fun.

San Diego - Western Metal Supply

Cardinals - Budweiser Brew House Deck

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As for the Wrigley Field rooftops - time may be over to enjoy a game with much of a view. The Cubs are currently renovating the bleachers to include a jumbotron in left field and signage in right field that will impede the view of the field. These changes are supposed to be ready for the Cubs' home opener on 4/5/15.

If you do want to experience a rooftop game here is are links to each of the rooftop clubs' websites.

As for other special places I would like to watch a Blue Jays game from one of the hotel rooms overlooking the field. I also like to check out a Red Sox game from atop the Green Monster.

Atop the Green Monster sounds great. I should've done that. I'm going to Rogers Centre this season and thought about getting a room facing the field. Then I thought that the novelty of watching it from my hotel room would wear off in about five minutes and it'd be just like any other outfield seat. Am I wrong about that?

I've already seen games from the stands at Rogers Centre (including way back when it was SkyDome) and think it would be cool to watch from the hotel room if I ever get back there. I figure it would be kind of like seeing the game from a skybox.

Although, I am not sure I would want watch the game from the room if I had not seen a game there yet and only had one chance.

I'm not sure you would enjoy the view from the hotel room all that much. Toronto is my home park and I've probably sat viewing from every direction possible. I've always found the outfield upper bleachers to be a terrible view of the game. I think the hotel room would give a similar viewing experience. Also, the cost of the room is likely terribly expensive.

You could buy seats in the row right in front of the hotel suites and get the same experience for 1/20th of the price.

I didn't know at the time, but I bought tickets day of game at the Rogers Centre kiosk. I bought the cheapest, and it placed me right in front of a room in right field. I think I would agree with other that the novelty would wear off quick. I would think of getting one of those rooms if it was a big group, but if it was just me or my wife, I'd pass. The view is decent at best, and you'd be better served getting an upper deck seat closer to the infield.

Those are great suggestions!

On the Arcade at AT&T Park is also great. You can see the water behind you and home runs trigger the fountains to go off.

Also, take photos from every section and put them in gametime.co/app - you can always browse for great views inside.

When you go to the teams website to look at tickets they give you an option for 3-D viewing before purchasing. It can be a little deceiving, but it does help.

Hey David, I have sat in the seats on the balcony of the Western Metal Supply building and it was kind of cool. When I did it, anyone who had a ticket to Petco could head up there for 3 innings, but I went on a tour of Petco this past September and that is no longer an option. You have to buy a ticket specifically for that area now and to be honest I am not sure if you can do that on the Padres website or not, as I did not want to sit up there for the games I went to last year.

Yes the Bud Brew House Deck allows you to sit. The website says that fans can choose between Reserved drink rail seats on the first two rows, or General Admission tickets which provide non-reserved access to the Deck. Haven't tried this but want to.

Are the Bud Brew House tickets available as single game? Are they considered standing room? What is price? Looking for a good deal up to $50 on secondary markets right now. I'd appreciate 'experienced' options for these options. Or, should I wait for a Brew House ticket? Sect 355 R 8 @ $45-60
Sect 445 R 7 @ $32
Sect 130 R 8 @ $32

Yes, those seats are available as single game. Like Jack said, some of the tickets are GA, and some are reserved. The reserved ones are usually more expensive. If you want to spend a little more, the AT&T Rooftop is an all inclusive ticket, with a pretty upscale buffet (by ballpark standards), beer, wine, mixed drinks, soda, and admission to the Cardinals museum. Those seats are always cheaper during the week than on weekends.

The Clevelander at Marlins Park But its hard to concentrate on the game Nightclub atmosphere.



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