Hi all, new to the site and ST. Plan on going to ST in March for the first time with the fam. Just PU'd tics for the yanks at ATL and hope to PU yank tics on the 15th for GS Field. Had a few ??'s:


- what time do players hit the practice field? 9am for a 105 game?
-do they practice all the way to game time?
- is their a fee to watch practices?
- are the players available for autographs?

Away Games

- do the big name players travel or stay at home field for practices? heard they dont hit the road.
- ATL/TOR, would these be good parks to see the Yanks at, or better to PU tics for GS field?

First time at it and a big part will be getting my son some up close views of the players, will I be disappointed on the player interaction? do they sign autographs for the youngsters? or is it just a huge cluster....

Thanks for any info

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Hey Juan, great post! We look to add Chaser Guides for spring training parks in the near future. In the meantime, check out our friends at Spring Training Tips. As we get closer to spring training, I am sure more Ballpark Chasers will be able to contribute to your questions!
Already have my ATL and TOR tickets, hope to get the NYY tics later this week, excited about going to ST, please pass along any info that may help on our 1st trip
Check out this site Juan- http://www.springtrainingonline.com/home.htm

I haven't been lucky enough to attend any spring training games but I sure would like to! Hope you have fun and come back and report to us. :)
Thanks for the link Jack, Ive checked that site and a few others and Im set for spring to get here, picked up tics for 2 home games so we will see 4 games while we are down there, def will post some pics when we return.



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